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Computer Use and File Sharing

Students Computer Guidelines

Students using college computer and network facilities, including access to online services outside the college, must adhere to college guidelines:

  • Use of college computer systems and access to computer networks are services made available solely to further the mission of the college. Students may not use these services for any commercial purpose.
  • Students may not use another person’s account or lend their account to someone else.
  • Students must be aware of and comply with the licensing and copyright restrictions applicable to software and data files they may access. Copying software is strictly forbidden unless specifically authorized by appropriate college authority.
  • Users must respect the privacy of others; they may not access private files or communications of others, even if those files are unprotected.
  • Federal law prohibits the transmission of certain software into certain foreign nations. When in doubt, students should not send software.
  • Game playing within college computer laboratories is prohibited unless assigned as part of a course.
  • The creation, dissemination of possession of illegal or pornographic (as determined by local St. Louis standards) documents or images is strictly forbidden.
  • Students may not use the computer systems for any abusive conduct such as sending harassing messages to others, damaging any college property (hardware or software) or knowingly introducing a computer virus or other destructive program.
  • Under Missouri law, unauthorized access or interference with computer systems, computer data and other computer users is a felony.
  • Upon learning that a student has violated any part of these guidelines, which may also violate any federal or Missouri criminal statute, the college will immediately disable the student’s account and turn over all pertinent information to an appropriate campus authority (usually the vice president for student affairs, and/or law enforcement agency) for further action.

Public Access Computer Guidelines

St. Louis Community College provides public access to designated computers in a variety of locations across the campuses.

Please abide by the following guidelines when using these computers:

  • Present a state-issued ID card.
  • Receive a temporary guest log-in.
  • Public access computer usage will be limited to one hour per day per user.
  • Public access computer users will not be allowed access to printing.
  • Public access computer users will have access only to designated computers.
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