Refund Policy and Requirements for Withdrawal and Return of Federal Financial Aid

To formally withdraw, students must submit official forms to the Admissions/Registration office. To receive a grade of W for the course, the withdrawal process must be completed prior to the end of the college’s 12th week of classes. Late-start and short-term courses have different withdrawal deadlines. Contact the Admissions/Registration office for appropriate dates. At the end of the second week of classes (first week for summer sessions), students who have registered and paid for a class but are reported by the instructor as never attended will be withdrawn.

Classes less than a full semester in length may have different administrative withdrawal dates. The class will be shown on the transcript with a grade of W, and students are not eligible for a refund of fees. After this period the instructor cannot withdraw students from class. It is always the student’s responsibility to initiate a withdrawal.

File a Complaint

STLCC employees, students and members of the public are welcome to file a formal complaint that merits action on part of the College administration. Please use the File Complaint form to begin this action.

File Complaint

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