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Information About Grades

Academic Affairs maintains records of academic performance for all currently enrolled students. Grades indicating performance following mid semester may be obtained directly through the instructor in accordance with the regulations contained in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. These grades are an assessment of academic progress, but are not recorded as part of the permanent record. Mid-semester grades are not reported for any session. Final grades become part of students’ permanent records. Students may view their mid-term and final grade reports by logging into Banner Self-Service. The following grading symbols and points are used:

Grade Grade Point Explanation
A 4 Superior
B 3 Above Average
C 2 Average
D 1 Passing; Below Average*
F 0 Failure
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*The grade of D may be considered unsatisfactory to progress in some programs.

Only grades earned at STLCC are included in the calculation of GPA for degrees and certificates. To determine GPA, add all grade points and divide by the number of credits attempted. STLCC has two GPA types:

  • Semester GPA: the average of your grades from one semester
  • Cumulative GPA: the average of all grades
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