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Academic Success & Tutoring

Online and on-campus tutors are available to help you.

Academic Success & Tutoring

Drop in or schedule appointments with our friendly tutors in just about any subject. You can email your campus Academic Success & Tutoring manager found at the bottom of this page for more information.

We are on campus, online, and ready to help.

What can students expect from working with a tutor?

Understanding new academic concepts or skills is accomplished by attending class, listening and taking notes, reading, thinking, writing, and practicing.

STLCC tutors are trained to help you develop and refine these strategies. Discussing material with a study group or with someone who has excelled in the subject, like a tutor, is another great strategy. Do not expect tutors to help you complete graded assignments. They will not discuss chapters or articles that you have not read.

Our policy requires students to attempt graded assignments—homework, practice quizzes, practice tests—and read assignments BEFORE the tutoring session. The tutor’s primary responsibility is to help you become a more effective, independent learner.

Study Strategies

Like biology wasn't hard enough, now you need to do it online! But you are not alone. Our learning specialists are here to help you learn time management strategies or get organized in this new mode of learning.

Learn more.

Math Tutoring Center

Whether you're enrolled in one math course or planning a future in mathematics, our tutors are here to guide you. Professional and peer tutors help you develop the strategies and confidence you need to succeed.

Learn more.

Tutoring for Other Subjects

Peer and professional tutors can assist you with understanding course material, preparing for tests, and gaining confidence. Whatever your course--chemistry, biology, psychology, sociology, history and more--we can connect you with someone who can help.

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Writing Center

The writing center can work with you on any writing assignment for your STLCC classes. Our goal is to help you develop as a writer.

Learn more about our online writing center.

Contact Us

If you cannot find the help you need in the links above, don't hesitate to contact the Academic Success & Tutoring manager from your campus or email us at tutoring@stlcc.edu.

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