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Care Team FAQs

What are Care Teams?

Campus based Care Teams coordinate STLCC resources to address the needs of students who are experiencing significant behavioral disturbances. Our goal is to recommend collaborative and purposeful interventions aimed at helping students achieve success.

The goals of STLCC Care Team process are:

  • To deter crises before they occur through the provision of outreach and educational programming, consultation, assessment, and referrals.
  • To ensure that individuals whose behavior is of concern are contacted through follow-up processes and are provided information about appropriate services so they have the opportunity to improve their welfare.
  • To create a unified reporting and tracking system that will allow members of campus BITs to observe patterns of behavior that may elicit threat/risk assessment and provide a documented response to distressed students and recommend appropriate interventions.

For more details concerning the mission and purpose of STLCC Care Teams, please visit Care Team protocol.

Why does STLCC need Care Teams?

Legal agencies and research gathered from institutional tragedies strongly support that educational institutions must address campus safety in a much more unified, planned and proactive manner than ever before. This, combined with STLCC's commitment to providing support to students necessary for academic success, are the basis on which Care Teams have been created and protocols developed.

What is STLCC Cares and how is it different from the Care Team?

STLCC Cares is a set of resources that STLCC established to protect the health and safety of our community. The Care Team (along with Safety & Security, Disability Support Services and Counseling Services) is one of the resources that falls under the umbrella of the STLCC Cares initiative.

I submitted an online Care Team Referral form regarding a student I have concerns about. What happens next?

The Care Team Chair on your campus (Campus Chief Student Affairs Officer) receives notice of all online incident reports filed. An initial evaluation will be undertaken by the chair as to whether the behavior reported requires an immediate response of some kind.

The core members of the Care Team meet regularly to discuss non-emergency situations and routine incidents. A determination is made as to whether or not additional information is necessary in order to develop a response plan. You may be contacted for more details.

A review of relevant information will be undertaken by the Care Team and a plan developed for how best to address the concerns raised.

See Care Team Protocols for detailed information on this topic.

Report a Concern

STLCC employees and students are asked to report all incidents of student behavior that are unusual or alarming to the Care Team. Please use the online Care Team Referral Form to report a matter of concern.

Submit a Care Team Referral Form

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