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STLCC Cares is a collaborative initiative coordinated college-wide and designed to support students in maintaining their personal well-being and achieving their academic goals.

Supporting the safety, well-being, and success of STLCC student is a shared responsibility for all members of our community: students, faculty, staff, and guests on our campus. If you have any concern about any student, the referral systems included within STLCC Cares provide options to connect students in need to the services that are available.

Please be aware that these forms are not to be used in an emergency.

If faced with an emergency - if you feel threatened, are aware that someone is in extreme distress or at risk for harming themselves or others, or believe a crime has occurred, IMMEDIATELY CALL 911 then follow up with STLCC Police Department at 314-539-5999.

Online reports may be made by anyone with the following links:

Care Team Referral Form
This form is used to refer concerning behaviors or challenges experienced by a student that interfere with academic or personal success. Examples of behaviors to report include mental or physical health issues, unmet basic needs, family or relationships concerns, financial difficulties or any observed behavior that is concerning. (Care Team referrals previously occurred via the STLCC BIT Report Form.)

Student Conduct Incident Report Form
This form should be used to report alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct, as outlined in Administrative Procedures G.19.

Early Alerts
The STLCC Early Alert program is designed to increase retention and academic success by providing timely referrals to academic support and resources. Faculty can initiate an early alert for any enrolled students by logging into Navigate.

Student Discrimination Complaint Form
This form is used to report student discrimination complaints. This includes discrimination based on race, religion, age, protected veteran status, sex, gender, gender expression, and more. Detailed information on the College’s Discrimination Policies can be found in Administrative Procedures G.08.01 Grievance Process for Student Equity Complaints (other than Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaints).

Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Form
Completion of this form is required to initiate a formal Title IX sexual harassment complaint. It can be used by students and employees. Information regarding the Title IX complaint process can be found in Administrative Procedures B.13 Title IX Sexual Harassment Policies and Procedures for Employees and Students

Academic Integrity Incident Report Form
This form is available to record alleged cheating or other academic misconduct incidents for which faculty impose a penalty within their class. See Administrative Procedures G.13.01 Academic Integrity Violations for details regarding this process.

General Complaint Form
Use the General Complaint Form to report any activities or issues of concern or misconduct. This includes academic grievances, final grade appeals, credit transfer/transcript evaluation appeals, etc. as well as other general concerns not otherwise included in the other reporting options.

Pregnant & Newly Parenting Student Referral
This form should be used to refer pregnant or postpartum students that may be protected under the Title IX Pregnant and Parenting protections.

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