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Rhetorical Analysis Graphic Organizer

Example Graphic Organizer

In the example rhetorical analysis graphic organizer, there are several components that the student writer had to consider: the author's purpose in the article, the areas where the author used pathos, ethos, logos, and other rhetorical devices, and the thesis statement for the student writer's essay.

Author's Purpose

To persuade readers that the fashion industry is harmful to models

Identifying Pathos, Ethos, Logos, and Other Rhetorical Devices

Pathos: How did the author tap into your emotions?

My Thoughts: Author used negative descriptions of models, which made me feel disgusted and surprised.

Examples from the Text: “Her shoulder bones jutted from her stooped back as she combed her thinning hair. She smeared gloss on her chapped lips before stepping out onto the runway for the spring fashion show.”

Ethos: How do you know you can trust this author?

My Thoughts: Author seems fair and reasonable. He acknowledges the other side of the argument. Author used a personal anecdote.

Examples from the Text: “Some designers and advertisers do employ ‘plus size’ models and pride themselves on portraying ‘alternative’ beauty ...” “When I photographed these young girls ...”

Logos: How did the author use logic to develop their argument?

My Thoughts: Author used a lot of facts and statistics.

Examples from the Text: “The numbers don’t lie. The average model weighs 23% less than the average woman.”

Other Rhetorical Devices: Tone? Format? Figurative language?

My Thoughts: Use of rhetorical questions, Repetition, Used figurative language (metaphor)

Examples from the Text: “Do consumers really want to see ...?” “Beauty isn’t pain. Beauty isn’t sickness. Beauty ...” “These women are butterflies—beautiful, ethereal, painfully fragile and always silent.”

Thesis Statement

Supporting his argument with vivid descriptions of unhealthy models and disturbing statistics, McNeal successfully makes the case that the fashion industry can be gravely dangerous to any person who dares to walk the runway.

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