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Transition Words

Two steps should be used when you consult this list. First, determine the type of signal you need. Next, select from that signal group the word which is most appropriate to the meaning of your sentences.

Note: The same transition word or phrase can sometimes serve different purposes.

Type of Signal

Words to Use (Signal Group)

To signal an addition:
in addition, furthermore, moreover, also,
equally important, likewise, another, again
To signal an example: for example, for instance, thus, in other words,
as an illustration, in particular
To signal a suggestion: for this purpose, to this end, with this objective
in mind
To signal emphasis: indeed, truly, again, to repeat, in fact
To signal granting a point: while it may be true, in spite of this
To signal a summary/conclusion: in summary, in conclusion, therefore, finally,
consequently, accordingly, in short, in brief,
as a result, on the whole, thus
To signal the development of a sequence:

Value sequence: first, second, secondly, third,
thirdly, next, last, finally

Time sequence: then, afterward, next,
subsequently, previously, first, second,
at last, meanwhile, in the meantime,
immediately, soon, at length, yesterday,

Space sequence: above, across, under,
beyond, below, nearby, nearer,
opposite to, adjacent to, to the left/right,
in the foreground, in the background

To signal a relationship:

Similarity: similarly, likewise, in like manner

Contrast: in contrast to, however, but, still,
nevertheless, yet, conversely,
notwithstanding, on the other hand,
on the contrary, at the same time,
while this may be true

Cause and Effect: consequently, thus,
therefore, accordingly, hence,
as a result

To signal an argument:

accordingly, as a result, at the same time, besides, equally important, in fact, otherwise, therefore

To signal a comparison:

also, at the same time, in like manner, in the
same way, likewise, similarly, so too

To signal a contrast:

but, however, in contrast with, instead,
nevertheless, on the contrary, on the
other hand, otherwise, yet

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