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Book Account

Students who are eligible for a Federal Pell Grant or Direct Student Loan refund will be issued an STLCC Book Account to make allowable purchases, including books and some supplies at the campus bookstores.


Once your financial aid award is complete, a book account will be authorized and a notification will be sent to your my.stlcc.edu student email address.


The amount is based on your financial aid award, not to exceed $1,000.

Your book account is based on your current schedule. Your financial aid award will be adjusted if you make changes to your schedule or fail to attend all of your classes. You will be responsible for paying any balances that occur due to a change in your financial aid award.

Track the Status of Your Book Account

You can track the status of your book account through Banner Self-Service.

Allowable Purchases

Students may purchase books, supplies ($25 limit), desktop or laptop computers stocked by the STLCC Campus Stores (not to exceed $500), backpacks (limit one per semester), and kits for most classes. Students will not be allowed to purchase clothing, food and other non-instructional items utilizing a book account. These items can be purchased separately at your own expense. Purchases must be made in person at the campus bookstores.

Refund Policy

Returns made during this time will be credited back to your student financial aid account. For the bookstore return policy, see the back of the bookstore receipt.

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