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Preparing for the Semester

Don’t miss a beat when classes start. Whether it’s your first semester or you’re a pro who just needs a refresher, use this checklist to make sure you’re setting yourself up for the smoothest start possible.

Semester Checklist

Have you completed each of these items?

  1. Archer Ready

    If you’re new to STLCC, or even college itself, be sure to attend an Archer Ready event. This will introduce you to STLCC and prepare you to take on the challenge of being a college student.
    • If you’re a new Early College student, join us for an Early College Orientation session just for you!  This orientation will help you prepare to enter your first semester at STLCC and will provide you an opportunity to talk to the Early College liaison from your high school.
      This orientation is for first-time early college high school students only. 
  2. Parent & Family Orientation

    If your parents or family want to learn more about STLCC and the journey you’re beginning, they are welcome to attend a Parent & Family Orientation. These orientations are here to answer their questions about college and teach them how to best support you during this journey.
  3. Get Your STLCC OneCard

    As a registered student, you are required to get a STLCC OneCard, it is your official student ID care and is used whenever a student ID is required. Before you begin your semester, be sure to pick up this ID that grants you access to campus resources and also does double duty as free debit card.
  4. Plan Your Transportation

    Don’t leave anything to chance when planning how you're going to get to class. No matter what transportation choice you choose, we make it easy to get around with plenty of convenient parking and easy access to St. Louis public transportation.
  5. Participate in Archer Welcome

    Participate in Archer Welcome Week, find your community and become an Archer! Join other students for a series of welcome week activities designed to help new students find your niche as valued member of our campus community and become an Archer!
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