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Financial Aid Forms

Financial Aid Income Verification Has Been Waived!


Act now to secure your financial aid eligibility! Department of Education has waived income verification requirements for the 2022-2023 academic year. This waiver is currently being applied to Saint Louis Community College students federally selected for income verification. This waiver does not exempt STLCC from verifying the Identity/Statement of Educational Purpose and High School Completion along with other C-flag (i.e., citizenship, bankruptcy, federal student loan default) indicators. Please check your Banner Self-service for your remaining requirements and deadlines to secure your financial aid eligibility. If you need assistance, please call us at 866-452-7579.

We are pleased to announce that many of our Financial Aid Forms are electronic and will be completed utilizing a student’s Banner-Self Service account. This process will simplify and improve the processing time for students submitting their required forms needed to receive their Financial Aid.

Complete instructions on how to navigate and review your Financial Aid forms

Online Forms - Log in to Banner Self Service to access these forms

Please review the instructions on how to log in to your financial aid online forms.

  • Application for Financial Assistance
  • A+ Eligibility Contract
  • Independent Income Verification Worksheet
  • Financial Aid Refund Policy/Standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Student Authorization Form
  • Untaxed Income Form

For all non-electronic forms and documents, please submit to the Financial Aid office at the campus nearest to you, or you may mail them directly to any of the Financial Aid office locations. Please follow all Covid-19 guidelines while on campus.

Federal Work Study Forms




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