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STLCC Scholarships

The Financial Aid office maintains information regarding institutional and external scholarships, as well as scholarships offered through the St. Louis Community College Foundation. Students must maintain all standards for satisfactory academic progress in order to be eligible for institutional scholarships.

Board of Trustees Scholarship Opportunities

Students who are active on campus may qualify for a St. Louis Community College Board of Trustees Scholarship (BOT). Beginning with the 2017-18 award year these scholarships are automatically awarded to eligible students based on the specific scholarship criteria.

In order to be considered students must complete their financial aid file and register early. The number of awards are based upon the availability of funds after renewal students have been awarded. Unless otherwise noted BOT scholarships cover tuition only and cannot given in the form of a refund.

In order to be considered for one of these scholarships students must:

  • Be admitted to STLCC as degree seeking students
  • Completed all Financial aid documents required to determine eligibility
  • Be registered for the semester being awarded
  • Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • Taking classes going toward their current selected degree or certificate program
  • Students eligible for a renewable award must be registered 10 days prior to the start of the semester

Scholarships are Awarded in Nine Categories

Student Leadership Scholarship

  • Awarded on a semester basis (renewable for an additional semester)
  • May be nominated by the campus manager of Campus Life, or the appropriate activity sponsor
  • Must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA
  • Must assume a leadership role in a student organization or extracurricular activity
  • Full-time award = 12 credit hours
  • Part-time award = 6 credit hours

Last Chance Grant

  • Must be 9 credits away from degree completion
  • Must have a 2.0 or above cumulative grade point average
  • Ineligible students include:
    • Pell Grant recipients
    • Federal loan recipients
    • Third party payment recipients
  • Students with a prior degree can apply
  • Award amount = 3 credit hours, non-renewable grant

Athletic Scholarship

  • Must be nominated by the appropriate coach on the Scholarship Nomination Form
  • Must have a 2.0 or higher cumulative high school GPA, or an appropriate GED or ACT/SAT score
  • Athletic scholarships will not exceed the amount of aid designated by the NJCAA, and will be awarded by the athletic director through the Financial Aid office, who will maintain records of eligibility and disbursement
  • Decisions on the athletic scholarship will be based on balance between sports and equity between male and female athletes 

Summer Boot Camp Scholarship

  • 6 week immersion program in English, mathematics and/or reading
  • Required COMPASS scores must be less than
    • 70 in English
    • 46 in mathematics, and/or
    • 82 in reading
  • Awarded for summer semester only

Book Scholarship

  • Awarded for one semester; must reapply each semester
  • Expected Family Contribution” requirement of $4,000 or higher
  • Ineligible students include:
    • Pell Grant recipients
    • Federal loan recipients
    • Third party payment recipients
  • Students with a prior degree can apply

Returning Adults Scholarship

  • Awarded for one semester
  • Must be 24 or older with no previous college credit
  • Must be enrolled in 6 credit hours or more
  • Scholarship will pay for 3 credit hours

Continuing Student Academic Scholarship

  • Awarded for 2 semesters covering 12 credit hours per semester
  • Must have completed 24 credit hours with an overall 3.0 GPA or better
  • Automatic renewal if in compliance with scholarship criteria

Emerging Scholars Scholarship

  • Awarded for 2 semesters at 6 credit hours per semester
  • Automatic renewal for second semester if in compliance with scholarship criteria
  • Must have completed 24 college-level credit hours with an overall 3.0 GPA or better
  • Testing into two or more developmental courses

Honors College Scholarship

  • Must be qualified to participate in an hours program, or be taking an honors course
  • Scholarship will cover up to 12 credit hours per semester; automatic renewal if in compliance with scholarship criteria up to two semesters
  • Can be nominated by the Honors Advisory Board
  • If not nominated, then student must have a cumulative 3.5 GPA

Foundation Scholarships

Funds are made possible by donors to the Foundation. Major donor groups include friends of the college, faculty, staff, students, alumni, retired employees, board members, corporations and foundations. Their generosity helps hundreds of students who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend college.

Students can now apply for scholarships through STLCC’s online scholarship application system. We also encourage students to seek information from local organizations, employers and local libraries for information regarding external scholarships.

Applying for Foundation Scholarships

Students match with scholarships based on major, GPA, enrollment status and other qualifications. Prior to applying for scholarships online, students must:

Once these steps are complete, students can log in to STLCC’s online scholarship application with their MySTLCC username and password. 


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