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Waitlisting is a registration feature that allows a student to "get in line" for classes that are filled. This process notifies the first student on the waitlist via their mySTLCC email when a seat opens. The student has 24 hours from the time the email is sent to register for the class. If the student does not register, the next student on the waitlist will be notified. Getting on a waitlist does not guarantee a seat in a class. Waitlisting a class does not count toward your student status (i.e. full-time, part-time). There is no charge to waitlist a course.

All STLCC classes have waitlist functionality apart from those included in our Selective Admission programs.

To sign up for a waitlist, please refer to our Waitlisting Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How does a student get on a waitlist?

A1: Students sign up for a waitlist through Banner. Please refer to the Waitlisting Guide.

Q2: How can you determine what number/order you are on the waitlist?

A2: If there are 8 currently waitlisted for a class, and you have just signed up for the waitlist, you will be ninth on the waitlist.

Q3: What does the waitlist look like to students?

A3: Students may sign up for a waitlist and receive waitlist notifications that their "spot in line" is up. Please refer to the Waitlisting Guide for a visual representation.

Q4: Does each individual section of a course have its own waitlist, or does one waitlist exist for each course?

A4: Each individual section of a course has its own waitlist. However, when decisions are being made about course additions, the waitlist numbers are reviewed for the course as a whole. Please note that our selective admissions courses are not assigned waitlists nor are waitlists assigned to part-of-term six (variable POT) courses.

Q5: A course has one seat available, but the student cannot register for the course. Is this because of the waitlist?

A5: Yes, this is due to a waitlisted student being "first in line" for the class. Students have 24 hours to sign up once their seat becomes available. During this window, the course may appear to have a seat available, but the waitlisted student takes priority over those who are not waitlisted.

Q6: If a student is on the waitlist for one class, but registers for another as a back-up, can the student switch the classes when the spot opens? Will the student be penalized in any way?

A6: Yes, students can switch when their waitlisted class becomes available; and, generally, there are no penalties.

Q7: Will students be able to bypass a waitlist, or will it be the case that a student must wait on the waitlist to get into a closed course? What would be some valid reasons for allowing a student to bypass a waitlist?

A7: Students must use the waitlist to get into a closed course. Course overrides are only permissible by a department chair or program coordinator, but should only be used in the case of fulfilling a final graduation requirement. Returning students are encouraged to take advantage of priority registration to avoid needing an override or the waitlist option.

Q8: Can a student get on two different waitlists for two different sections of the same course?

A8: Yes.

Q9: Will a student on a waitlist be automatically enrolled in a section if a spot becomes available?

A9: No. The student will be notified via email that their "spot in line" is up and that they may register. It is the student's responsibility to monitor their email for this notification and register for the waitlisted course.

Q10: How long will a waitlist for a specific section be maintained?

A10: Waitlists are maintained through the day prior to the start of that part-of-term. Then, they are purged to allow for add/drop week to work accordingly - allowing students to move into and out of 16-week classes quickly.

Q11: Does the waitlist apply across campuses?

A11: Yes.

Q12: Is it possible for a student to join a waitlist during the first week of classes?

A12: Yes. During add/drop week for 16-week classes only, students may sign up for the waitlist until the end of add/drop week.

Q13: Can Banner text students when a space becomes available?

A13: No. Rather, students are notified via email notification.

Q14: Can a student decline their spot, thus speeding up the 24-hour window for the next student, so that more waitlist students can be contacted?

A14: Yes.

Q15: Is waitlist being used to generate new sections of courses at popular dates/times? Will a new section automatically be created when a waitlist reaches a predetermined number (e.g., 15)? Who will decide when a new section will be added as a result of waitlist data?

A15: The waitlist is used to determine overall course needs, including popular dates, times, and modalities that may be needed. New sections are not automatically created based on a predetermined number, as multiple data points are used to decide adding courses (i.e. availability of the course at a different time, campus, or modality; availability of instructors; actual number of students on the waitlist; etc.). However, department chairs, program coordinators, deans, and other administrators use the waitlist information as a data point in making these determinations.

Q16: What can academic departments do to help facilitate student enrollment for those on a waitlist?

A16: After it is determined that a course is going to be added, academic departments should contact students on the waitlist to let them know of the new course's availability. Students on a waitlist will not be automatically notified if a new section is added of the course desired; they are only notified when a spot has opened up in the specific waitlisted section.

Q17: Will the waitlist cause students to avoid enrolling in open sections?

A17: Students may choose to decide to waitlist courses rather than register for an open section because of personal preferences. However, it is more advisable that a student register for an open section and add the preferred course as a waitlist option to ensure enrollment. There is no guarantee that a spot will come open in a waitlisted section.

Q18: Will the information from the waitlist be aggregated and made available in some form to department chairs and coordinators? How can a faculty member access a waitlist for a specific course?

A18: Yes, this information is made available in our reporting platform, Hyperion. These reports display the student names along with their contact information so that the students may be contacted should a new section be made available. Faculty and staff may also access SFAWLPR in Banner Administrative Pages to view the students who are currently waitlisted for a specific class section.

Q19: Will an individual faculty member have the ability to opt out of the waitlist for a particular course or section?

A19: Individual faculty members may not opt out of the waitlist; however, courses or programs may opt out of the waitlist. For instance, all of our selective admissions programs do not utilize the waitlist. Faculty members who supervise a program and believe the waitlist will not benefit students should contact their dean, who will bring the conversation to the Deans/Presidents Council for review.

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