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How to Register

Using the Class Schedule

The class schedule can be found at stlcc.edu/schedule.

How to use the Interactive Class Schedule

  1. Click on the drop down menu to select the term you are planning to register. Example – Credit Spring 2020
  2. Select the desired location(s) you would like to attend. Example – Florissant Valley
  3. Select the subject(s) you want to view. Example – PSY for Psychology
  4. Select the course number and title. Example – PSY 200 –General Psychology
  5. Select an option for Courses Displayed. Example – Open Only
  6. Scroll to the bottom of page and click Display Classes

Registering for Classes Online

  1. Log into your Banner Self-Service
  2. Select the tab labeled Student Services & Financial Aid
  3. Click on Registration scroll down then click on Add or Drop Class
  4. Select the appropriate Credit Term for which you are planning to register. Click Submit.
  5. Refer to the classes you saved under the My List option and either copy & paste the Course Reference Number (CRN) or enter it into the empty boxes.
  6. Click Submit Changes.  If there are no errors, you will see “Web-Registered” next to the course(s) you have submitted.  If there are errors, try to work through an error to determine if you can correct it. If you need assistance with registration, call any of the offices listed on the Add or Drop Classes page.

You have the option to join a wait list by attempting to register for a closed course and selecting the "waitlist" option from the drop down menu in the Add or Drop Classes.

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