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Art at Wildwood

Art at Wildwood

From sculptures and paintings, to drawings, graphics and more, art is abound at STLCC-Wildwood. Along with our outdoor sculpture park and interior collection, Wildwood’s Gallery of Contemporary Art showcases works from a variety of visual artist each year. The art department also facilities a number of opportunities for students to showcase their artwork.

Recent Exhibits

The Sun & The Moon

Curated by Metra Mitchell, this exhibit features mixed media works of art by Mitchell as well as Riushi Mazda, Ivan Aka and Aleister Manah.

Symbolically, the light of the sun and the dark energy of the moon express outer and inner personalities. The duality of light and dark are presented in this show through the mystical mediums of design, drawing and painting.

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Color Within the Lines

"Color Within the Lines", a new art exhibit featuring the work of Robert A. Ketchens, is now on exhibit in Wildwood's Gallery of Contemporary Art.

According to the artist, "The works have symbolic elements that address today’s struggle for equality. They are a reflection of my collective and visual memory of life in the South’s system of Jim Crow -- separate but not equal."

In addition to visiting Wildwood's third floor art gallery, you can explore Ketchens' works and learn more about this exhibit online.

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This exhibit features the work of Chris Sagovac, associate professor of animation and chair in the School of Communications at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. The exhibit runs March 18-May 14, and includes a variety of works created with ink on bristol.

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Faculty Art Exhibit

As Maya Angelou once said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” The same can be said for the artists featured in this exhibition.

Outside the classroom, each one is an active artist. What they teach in the classroom comes from years of practice and research. The ideas and images they produce in their studios are a reflection of their artistic journey.

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First Light

While COVID-19 has upended the daily lives of people around the world, it has also fueled creativity and innovation. This exhibit features the work of seven artists who have embraced change during these trying times.

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A 2020 Vision of Landscape Painting

LANDSCAPE / lan(d)-,skap\ n. 1 a : a picture representing a view of inland scenery b : the art of depicting such scenery c : a portion of territory that the eye can comprehend in a single view. These landscapes are derived from observation as well as the imagination.

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Wildwood Art Galleries

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Student Gallery Program

Wildwood's Fine Arts Club Gallery Program provides student-artists with an opportunity to show their work in the community. Since its inception, students have hung more than 175 original works of art at various locations in west St. Louis County.

Learn more about Wildwood's Gallery Program

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Gallery of Contemporary Art

Located on the campus’ second floor, the Gallery of Contemporary Art features a variety of exhibits from visiting artists. When a new exhibit is installed in the gallery, the community is invited to view the work and learn more about the artist.

Explore Wildwood's current exhibit

Eco-Art Festival awardee

The Eco-Art Exhibition

Students from select high schools are invited to participate in the Eco-Art Exhibition - a juried art show. The exhibition features two- and three-dimensional artwork that speaks to an environmental consciousness in either the theme of the artwork or the materials used in its creation. The next exhibit is planned for 2021-2022.

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