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Business Analytics and Reporting Team are assembled to provide information delivery for use in operational, tactical and strategic reporting and analysis at St. Louis Community College. STLCC uses two primary tools: Cognos and the Banner Operational Data Store (ODS).

Cognos Analytics is the enterprise solution for standardized reporting for the College. Cognos brings new capabilities including data visualization and data storytelling, adding these to its suite of tools for reporting and business intelligence. It allows for users to build and view reports based on information stored and analyzed within the ODS. Cognos can be accessed using a web browser. It consists of reports, dashboards and data models to view College data across different business areas.

Banner Operational Data Store (ODS) is designed to support the operational, tactical and strategic reporting needs of St. Louis Community College. When Banner ODS is combined with the Cognos reporting tool, business users at all levels of the College have access to operational data formatted in a manner that facilitates reporting and is refreshed on daily.

As of June 1st, 2020, Cognos is the College's new Banner Analytics reporting tool.

College users are licensed to consume existing or standard reports as needed using the Cognos web portal. Users with this license generally consume existing reports to complete their daily tasks. Basic data training is required for this role. Users are expected to complete the Introduction to Cognos online training before they log into the new reporting tool.

If a report can't be found, users may contact the IT helpdesk. A report author will reach out back and assist in locating the report or inform the user as to when the report would be available.

Frequently Asked Questions about Banner Analytics

To login to Cognos web portal:

  • Go to CollegeWeb, click on Cognos Analytics.
  • Login using your MySTLCC ID and password.

To get access to Cognos web portal, your supervisor will have to submit a ticket to IT HelpDesk requesting access on for their direct report.

Google Chrome is the preferred browser.  However, both FireFox and Microsoft Edge are supported.

If you login successfully into Cognos and you can't find the needed report, please complete the following form and a report author will reach out to you and assist locating the report.

To review the attached report, you will need access to Cognos web portal.  Please contact IT HelpDesk and request a review of your access.


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