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St. Louis Community College offers free e-mail accounts for all current credit students through student e-mail.

Your student e-mail account is the official means of communication with St. Louis Community College. Get the information you need at student e-mail like e-bills, Blackboard announcements, financial aid updates, registration deadlines, assignments, library holds and overdue notices, and other important information.

To access your official student e-mail account, you must first activate your account. Just follow the email instructions. Your student e-mail account will be available immediately. It's that simple.

Any other e-mail accounts you may have used with the college prior to now will not be used once you are a registered student, so be sure to check your student e-mail account frequently.

A common credential, MySTLCC ID, is used for logging in to the college's computer systems to help protect your identity and offer more computer security. When you reset you MySTLCC ID password, your student e-mail password will automatically be synchronized eliminating the need to remember two different passwords.

The college has partnered with Microsoft to host the customized student e-mail accounts.

IT department is proud to offer Microsoft Office 365 to all our students. For the duration of your studies this service will provide each student with: 

  • 1TB OneDrive cloud storage
  • Your College email account
  • Access to Office online applications
  • Installation of the full MS Office package on up to 5 PC or Mac home computers for free
  • Many more features such as MS PowerApps 

To all STLCC Students

If you are experiencing difficulty accessing your email, please make sure to clear your web browser's history, cookies, etc. then close your browser and try to access your email again.

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