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Welcome from Information Technology

The staff of Information Technology (IT) want to welcome you to St. Louis Community College and the start of the 2020-2021 academic year. As you prepare for classes, we would like to share some information with you regarding some of the information technology resources that are available to you.

IT provides technology and technology services at St. Louis Community College, and we are committed to growth and innovation that is in line with the College mission and vision. We provide our new faculty members with the Getting Started with IT website, which details information about our wide array of services for you. The following are a few key services that IT would like to highlight.

Top highlights

Get to Know IT

From our Vice Chancellor to our student workers, get to know the IT structure and faces of the IT department.

Classroom Emergency Support

In the event that something does not go well in your classroom, IT is dedicated to providing full support until the issue is resolved.

IT Help Desk and End-user Support

IT has a presence on every campus. IT End-User Support teams strategically located around the campuses to help better serve the College community. You may contact an IT Help Desk by calling 314-539-5113.

IT Security

The IT Security Team seeks to be a highly responsive and effective team to enable the IT department, and the College as a whole collegiate-University, to identify and reduce the risk of security incidents and data breaches.

Standards and Policy

Looking for what the standard laptop or desktop is? Or the college policy on connecting remotely? Click on here for more information.

Additional highlights and services

Every student, staff and faculty member at St. Louis Community has something called a mySTLCC ID, an A-number, and an STLCC email address. The mySTLCC ID is your universal username for all the systems for the College.


Think of your A-number as your St. Louis Community College social security number. Your A-number is provided to you either by your hiring manager or HR. It is a very good idea to memorize this number as you will need it for many processes for the college.


This is a unique username issued to you. The id is created by an algorithm using your first name, last name, and if needed numbers. To find out your mySTLCC ID, click the link below, enter your A# number, last name, and birthday to reveal your MySTLCC ID and email.

Access your MySTLCC ID

mySTLCC Password

Your mySTLCC password allows you access to virtually al systems on campus. The default password is set to your A-number followed by the pound or number sign (#). For Example, if your A-number is A001234567 your default password would be A001234567#. Your password expires every 365 days. You will receive reminders when your password is about to expire but remember to change it.

Be secure and change your password

When changing your password, ensure that you always use a new, never before used password that meets the following rules

  • Minimum of 10 characters, max of 23
  • At least:
    • 1 capital letter
    • 1 lower case letter
    • 1 number
    • Special character, for example #$%^&*(^@
  • No repeating letters or numbers, for example AAA or 111
  • No simple words
  • No previously used passwords or phrases

Security Questions

It's easy to come back from a semester break and not quite remember your MySTLCC account password. Set up three security questions so regaining access is as stress-free as your break.

Complete your security questions

Banner 9 is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool for the College that contains components for employment, student records, and purchasing. Banner Self-Service provides you with information needed as a faculty member, student, or staff member.

Banner Self-Service

STLCC Banner Self-Service provides you with information unique to your role as a faculty member, student, and/or staff member at the College.

Accessing Banner Self-Service
  • Open a web browser and go to stlcc.edu/banner
  • Sign in using your STLCC Id and password
  • Once Banner Self Service page loads, you have access your to your Banner

More information about Banner Self-Service can be found on its standalone information page.

Banner 9

Banner 9 is used by office staff on campus to administer applicant and student records, package and award financial aid, enter, approve and track financial transactions, control the hiring process, run payrolls, track donor giving and potential donors, and other duties.

Accessing Banner 9

Access Banner 9 is only available when connected to the College's network or VPN.

  • Open a web browser and go to the CollegeWeb Banner Page
  • Click the orange Banner login button
  • Sign in using your STLCC Id and Password
  • Please note, you must have Banner 9 rights prior to signing in for the first time.

More information about Banner 9 can be found on its standalone information page.

St. Louis Community College uses Canvas for its learning management system. The Online Education Group partners with IT to provide a holistic support approach to our faculty members for Blackboard Learn.

Accessing Blackboard Learn

The nice thing about Canvas is that it can be used in a variety of ways and it has many interactive tools and features from which you can choose. Canvas is a great place to post your syllabus, PowerPoint presentations, YouTube videos, web links, and grades in the Grades tool. This gives students access to your course materials without having to carry a lot of paperwork around and especially right now in our remote times. The course information is available to them 24/7 anywhere they can access Wi-Fi or use a mobile app. In addition, Canvas has communication and assessment tools.

Learn more about Canvas

Online Ed has created several useful training pages available here and multiple how information tabs within Canvas.

Canvas support

After looking through the Faculty tab in Canvas and still needing help, please contact Online Ed through their request for assistance page.

If you have an upcoming event or project that needs IT support, we can help! Once your space on campus is booked, please reach out to the IT Help Desk with your booking confirmation and your request.

In order to provide the best overall experience, please ensure to make media requests well in advance. The minimum turn around time for simple media requests ( a hand held mic or laptop cart) is 2 business days. For special set ups, please provide a minimum of two weeks notice.

STLCC has moved to Office365 for all faculty, staff, and students. This cloud-based model brings together the traditional Office suite (word, excel, power, outlook, etc) with a powerful cloud service to provide collaboration and so much more.

The move is necessitated by the need to ensure that STLCC's email and information is secured and meets the ever growing need for collaboration. Email, calendaring, and contacts are now being provided by Office 365.

Our website dedicated to the Office 365 project has the most update to date information, how to guides, and training information available. Please visit our Office 365 project website for more information.

Get Microsoft Office 365 for your personal machine for free!! Visit the Office365 page for more information on how to install the software

The College has many software agreements to allow faculty, staff, and students access to a myriad of software titles for use in the classroom, in the office, and some even at home.

Each College owned and issued computer come with the following software titles:

  • Windows 10 or Mac osX 10.14
  • Microsoft Office
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Mitel Connect
  • GlobalProtect VPN (laptops only)

Every faculty, staff, and student get Microsoft Office365 for free on their personal computers and mobile tables. Visit the Office365 page for more information on how to install the software.

Being connected is now more important than ever. IT knows the ever growing need for high speed reliable internet. STLCC has a wireless network specifically designed for authenticated faculty, staff, and students on campus, and guests on campus.


STLCC-Personal is the secure wireless network all personally owned devices individuals bring to campus. Individuals with a valid mySTLCC Net ID and password are able to connect and use the network seamlessly across all campus. The network provides access to secure computing resources, printing, and services.

Most mobile devices with WiFi will work on this network. Windows 10, and 11; Mac OS 10.4 and greater; and recent versions of Linux/Unix should also work on this network. Devices must be 802.1X-capable to work on STLCC-Personal.

Connecting to STLCC-Personal
  • On your device's list of available networks, select "STLCC-Personal".
  • If prompted, install the security certificate.
  • When prompted, enter your mySTLCC Net ID and password.

Note that exact instructions for connecting to STLCC-Personal may differ slightly from device to device depending on the operating system.

Contact the IT Help Desk at 314-539-5113 if you are unable to complete the process.

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