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STLCC's on-campus telephone system has many available features for employees, but you don't need to be a phone expert to make them work for you.

Mitel Mobile Connect App

This free app is installed on your personal mobile phone. It allows you to make and receive calls on your mobile phone using your work telephone number. It also allows you to move a call between your desk phone and your mobile phone, or call students/business contacts without sharing your personal mobile number. To use the app, your deskphone and mobile phone will need to be configured. You can email us for more information or begin by submitting a request form and adding the app to your mobile phone.

Mitel Connect Desktop

This software is installed on college desktop and laptop computers. It allows you to look up phone numbers, easily transfer calls and listen to voice mail, and use the softphone feature. Using the softphone on a laptop 'moves' your desk phone to that device, allowing you to make and receive calls using a headset. For more information, please see Using the Mitel Softphone Feature.

Voice Mail

You can listen to voice mail through the mobile and desktop apps, or you can call 314-539-5400 and enter your 4-digit extension and password to access the voice mail system. In addition to storing messages, the voice mail system allows you to change your greeting and availability state.

New Phone Checklist


College employees can look up a number using the Mitel Connect application on their mobile phone or desktop. This searches the names (Caller ID) of college phones. If yours is incorrect, please contact the STLCC IT Helpdesk.

Our website directory uses information from Banner to display your phone number. If your directory listing is incorrect, please contact Human Resources.

To record your name for outgoing voice mails, log in to your voice mail and press 7,6. To review and record a new greeting, log in to your voice mail and press 7,1. Each call handling mode/state has a separate greeting.

You can also view your call routing and record a new greeting for each state by going to the Connect menu, choosing settings, and selecting Call Routing. Each availability state has a separate greeting.

To have new voicemails delivered to your email inbox, please contact the STLCC IT Help Desk.

When using a college phone number (on a desk phone, softphone, or mobile app) you may be required to enter a long distance code. Each employee receives an individual code which should not be shared. To request your new or existing code, please submit a request form.

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Desk Telephones

If you need a new or replacement telephone, please submit a request to the IT Help Desk.

Telephone Workgroups and Menus

Workgroups are sets of phones designed to handle incoming calls in a distribution pattern. Many larger departments and high-volume areas use workgroups to ensure all calls are answered promptly.

Menus are used to allow callers to contact the appropriate department, or to hear pre-recorded instructions to complete a task such as resetting their password or requesting transcripts. For more information about our current menu structure, please email Telephone Support.

Changing the Menu Recording

  • Dial 314-539-5402
    • If you are calling from a campus telephone, press the # key to be prompted for an extension number
  • Enter the extension of the menu you wish to record
  • When prompted, enter the password for that menu and the # key
  • Press 1 to record an On-Hours prompt (you will hear the current message)
  • Press 2 to re-record
  • Press # to accept, 1 to review or 2 to re-record

Mobile Devices

Individual requests for cellular instruments and services will be approved by the appropriate supervisor and administrative channel and must include approval by a member of the College Leadership Team. All cellular acquisitions will be coordinated by IT Telecommunications. To request a mobile device for your department, complete a Mobile Device Request form.

For more information, please see Board Policy Administrative Procedures C.14.1. (BP C.10.1)

Need Help? Contact the IT Help Desk.

Need training? Book an STLCC Telephone Support session.

For after-hours emergencies, please call or text 314-398-8916.

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