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Working Remotely

The College offers secure solutions for enabling you to work remotely. The solutions we deliver will depend on what you need to access to complete work and help students, faculty, and staff.


Many of the College's systems are available from anywhere you have an internet connection. Often you can complete much or all of your work from a personal laptop or computer. When contacting the Help Desk for a remote work solution, know what you work with on a day-to-day basis. Some may require additional planning or specialized solutions to access critical work systems.


Accessible From

Location or Solution

Blackboard Anywhere Login to Blackboard
Banner Selfservice Anywhere Login to Banner Selfservice
Email Anywhere Login to Outlook Online
Office 365 Anywhere Login to Office 365
Employee Files (P: Drive)

College computers

Move files to OneDrive

Banner (Admin) College computers On-site or VPN
request VPN access
Banner reporting College computers On-site or VPN
request VPN access
Departmental files (O: Drive) College computers On-site or VPN
request VPN access
Room scheduling administration College computers On-site or VPN
request VPN access
College phones College computers On-site or VPN or Softphone
request VPN access
OUCampus (CMS for stlcc.edu)
request access to edit stlcc.edu
College computers  On-site or VPN
request VPN access
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Working remotely can present challenges to effective  communications and personally connecting with our students and colleagues. Ensure you make the effort to maintain communications with your colleagues and connect with students. Many of the College's technology solutions can be leveraged to maintain these connections.



Meet with students Office 365 Teams
Meet with faculty Office 365 Teams
Meet with colleagues or small groups Office 365 Teams
Work on files from your P: drive Office 365 OneDrive
Answer College Phones Laptop and Mitel Connect
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Working remotely introduces additional security concerns. You are responsible for the security of your personal device and internet connection. For more information on securing yourself at home, see our guidelines for being secure at home.


If you complete most of your work through email, Blackboard, Banner Selfservice, and P: drive files, you can remotely work from a personal computer or laptop. Please follow our guidelines for being secure at home. You can move critical files to OneDrive, and then access them from home using your personal computer or laptop by signing in to office365.stlcc.edu.


If you need access to sensitive internal systems such as Banner, reporting services, room scheduling, or you need to answer a College phone, then you will need a College laptop with VPN connection. Please contact the Help Desk and describe what you access for work on a day-to-day basis.

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