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In a world where innovation and precision are paramount, these courses open the door to exciting career opportunities that combine technical expertise with hands-on skills. Whether you dream of crafting cutting-edge products, maintaining crucial industrial machinery, or steering the future of transportation, our programs provide the comprehensive training needed to excel in these dynamic fields. Join us in the pursuit of excellence and satisfaction that comes from producing, fixing, and contributing to the tangible advancements that drive our modern world. 

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Students can complete an assessment to see what careers are related to their strengths, interests and values, see what STLCC programs match their career goals, and explore different career pathways based on their STLCC program of study.

Career Coach allows students to build their knowledge of common work activities, essential skills, required educational level and salary data related to their career of interest.

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Advanced Manufacturing, Industrial Occupations, and Transportation Programs

Please note, not all of the programs listed are for credit programs. Programs marked with the following abbreviations are considered for credit programs. Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Fine Arts (AFA), Associate in Science (AS), Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT), Associate in Applied Science (AAS), Certificate of Proficiency (CP), Certificate of Specialization (CS)


Get ready to hit the road with a certificate in truck driving, or turn your tinkering into a full-time, hands-on career with a degree in automotive or diesel technology.

Machine Maintenance Technology

Understand the ins and outs of machines used in manufacturing, health care, homes or businesses, and what it takes to maintain or repair them. 

Environment Technology

Learn the know-how needed to assess and clean up contaminated properties in the St. Louis region and other remediation sites nationwide. 

Industrial and Manufacturing Skilled Trades and Technology

Launch your career in an engaging, in-demand field through real-world applications and training with industry professionals. 

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