Academic Support


Academic Support

Whether you need help with one question or an entire course, our academic resources are here to help you be the best student you can be.

Academic offerings

Find the exact help you're looking for with our on-campus, academic support.


Learn more about yourself and your strengths and weaknesses as a student.

Study Strategies

Find strategic approaches to managing your time, reading college textbooks, taking good notes and taking tests with confidence!

Writing Assistance

Connect with writing specialists or find information to improve your writing technique.

Speech and Languages

Find help with presentations, foreign languages, ESL and Deaf Communications!

Math Assistance

Connect with math tutors or find information to improve your math skills up to College Algebra.

STEM Assistance

Connect with tutors or find information to improve your skills in science, technology, engineering and math (Pre-Calculus and higher).

Other Content Assistance

Find information on other content areas including psychology, sociology, history, economics, etc.

Additional Resources

Find out about other services such as supplemental instruction, student success workshops and more helpful links for student support. 


Florissant Valley

Location: IR-113
Florissant Valley Library


Fran Hooker

Forest Park

Location: Lower Level
Forest Park Library

Nicole Myers


Location: 2nd Floor
Meramec Library

Cynthia Clausen

South County

Academic Support Center

Kathy Pritchard


Location: Room 105


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