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Exam Proctoring

While visiting a STLCC campus, remember:

  • Please note the following is required when coming to an STLCC campus:
    • You MUST make an appointment.
    • You may wear a face covering if you like but it is encouraged for those who are not vaccinated.
    • You MUST present a government issued photo identification. No student will be allowed to test if they do not present proper photo identification. You will be asked to reschedule your appointment.
    • Please bring only limited items such as photo identification and car keys. Phones are strongly discouraged, and we ask they remain in your vehicle. Anyone caught accessing a phone while testing will be reported to the testing agency and may have their scores voided.
  • STLCC offers a variety of testing on their campuses.
  • Please select the exam you are interested in below and see how STLCC can help you get your testing needs met.
  • Contact your preferred testing center with further questions or inquiries.
  • ACT is given on the Florissant Valley, Forest Park, and Meramec campuses on nationwide test dates.
  • For more information, test preparation, creating your account and scheduling, please visit ACT's website to register for the exam.
  • The CLEP Exam is currently offered at Florissant Valley, Forest Park, and Meramec campuses.
    • Please contact your nearest testing center for appointment availability.
  • You will need to purchase the CLEP Exam before coming to an STLCC campus to test.
  • On test day
    • Please bring your government issued photo identification and printed CLEP testing voucher.
    • Non-STLCC Students will be charged a $20 proctoring fee. Current STLCC students will have the fee waived.
  • STLCC's testing centers offer proctoring services to test takers from other universities or organizations as a community service. We proctor both paper and computer-based tests.
  • We charge a $20 proctor fee per test to cover expenses.
    • Tests lasting more than three hours may incur additional charges.
  • Appointments are required and vary with each of our participating campuses: Florissant Valley, Forest Park, and Meramec. Contact your preferred campus to schedule an appointment.
    • Remember:
      • Testing is not available on weekends and holidays
      • Centers reserve the right to limit external exam hours during STLCC's peak testing periods.
  • Reminders
    • Maintain communication with your sponsoring school and local proctor. Telephoning ahead to confirm that your exam has arrived is always best.
    • Arrive promptly at your scheduled testing time.
    • Present a valid photo ID; acceptable ID is limited to a driver’s license, passport, or college ID.
    • Bring only approved materials to the exam. Your instructor will notify you if anything other than a pen or pencil is allowed. All non-approved digital devices must be silenced and stored during your exam.
    • At the conclusion of the exam, leave all testing materials with the assigned proctor.
    • If you are sitting for the Accuplacer at a distance, you must bring the voucher provided to you, via e-mail, by the institution you plan to attend. $20 proctoring fee will still apply.
  • HiSET® (previously known as the GED) is currently offered at the Florissant Valley and Forest Park campuses.
  • For more information, test preparation, creating your account and scheduling, please go to the HiSET® website.
  • STLCC also offers preparation for the High School Equivalency year round through Continuing Education.
  • The MoGEA exam is currently offered at Florissant Valley and Meramec campuses.
  • For more information, test preparation, creating your account and scheduling, please go to the MoGEA website.
    • Note: When scheduling the exam, you will only be able to see exam dates after the purchase has been complete.
      • If you need to know the exam schedule ahead of time, contact your closest Testing Center for their test dates.

Prospective STLCC nursing students are required to complete the TEAS exam before being admitted in to the Nursing program.

The testing centers will be offering this exam several times per month:

  • Forest Park tests in person on selected Tuesdays at 10 a.m.
  • Meramec tests virtually/remote for Fall 22 and in person Spring 23 on selected Thursdays at 10:30 a.m.
  • Florissant Valley tests in person on selected Fridays at 9 a.m.
  • Wildwood will test virtually/remote for Fall 22 and in person Spring 23 on selected Fridays at 9:30 a.m.


  • For specific dates and to register, visit the ATI Testing website.
  • When searching for STLCC
    • In-Person: Choose "In-Person Proctored" by an Institution
    • Virtual/Remote: Choose "TEAS Online Proctored by Institution"
      • NOTE: Make sure you are registering with one of STLCC Campus location to ensure that you are purchasing the correct testing package. Failure to purchase the correct package can delay your application to the Nursing program due to the requirement of TEAS, CTA, and SAI all needing to be completed before consideration.

Florissant Valley, Forest Park:
In person Testing:

Select the Forest Park or Florissant Valley campus location. You will need to arrive 15 minutes prior to test start time, bring photo identification. Please limit personal items and phones are strongly discouraged. Anyone caught accessing a phone while testing will have their scores voided.

Meramec, Wildwood:
Virtual/Remote Testing: (Fall 22 only)

Students will need a desktop or laptop computer with working audio/microphone and camera, valid government issued photo identification, and the ability to download the ATI testing monitoring software, Proctorio.

When registering for the exam, students will still need to select the Meramec or Wildwood campus as a location. Remember, when choosing a test date, select the campus based on test date preference. Students will not report to campus for the virtual testing dates.

Please note: an additional $5 proctoring fee is built in to the purchase price of the testing package.

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