Report Procedure

Need to report something?

An online Incident Report form has been created for reporting discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking

Students may report also report discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and sexual violence directly to the District Director for Equity Compliance, Mary Zabriskie, 314-539-5345, or to a campus based lead Title IX Investigator.

Lead Title IX Investigators Phone Numbers
Jennifer Orzel - Florissant Valley 314-513-4201
Carolyn Jackson - Forest Park 314-951-9481
Sharon Holt - Meramec 314-984-7609
Tony Steele - Wildwood 636-422-2009
Amber Howlett - Harrison Center 314-539-5000
Kathy Pritchard - South County 314-984-6758
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Employees may report discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and sexual violence to the District Director for Equity Compliance, Mary Zabriskie,, 314-539-5345, or the deputy Title IX coordinator Patricia Henderson, 314-539-5214.

Anonymous Reports

Anonymous reports of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and sexual violence are accepted. All reasonable steps to investigate and respond to such reports will be undertaken. However, the college's ability to respond to anonymous complaints may be limited.

Campus Police

Individuals may also report sexual misconduct to Campus Police in person or using the phone numbers below. A report to Campus Police will be considered a report to law enforcement. Though Campus Police can assist victims of sexual violence in accessing services and/or contacting the Title IX coordinator or deputy Title IX coordinators, Campus Police may also proceed with pursuing a criminal investigation and/or criminal charges with or without the victim's consent. Campus Police can also assist with connecting students to other law enforcement agencies if sexual misconduct occurs somewhere other than on STLCC property.

Campus Police Departments



Florissant Valley Campus Located in service building behind the Child Development Center 314-513-4300
Forest Park Campus C Tower , Room C-103 314-513-4300
Meramec Campus Located on the west side of Campus, off Couch Avenue 314-513-4300
Wildwood Room 114 314-513-4300
South County   314-513-4300
William J. Harrison Education Center   314-513-4300
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The college will respond in a prompt and equitable manner to allegations of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and sexual violence and will respond appropriately to those who violate this policy, up to and including dismissal from employment or expulsion from the college, as applicable.

Though the college encourages all individuals to bring reports of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and sexual violence to the attention of the Title IX coordinator and/or deputy Title IX coordinator, students who seek support but wish to maintain confidentiality may contact mental health counselors available free of charge on each campus.

College Counseling Services

Florissant Valley Campus

Student Center

Forest Park Campus

Student Center, Room 200
Counseling available through this location for students attending classes at the Harrison Center.

Meramec Campus (South County)

Clark Hall, 2nd Floor
Counseling available through this location for students attending classes at the South County Center.


Room 105H

Employees may contact the Employee Assistance Program at 800-356-0845 for confidential assistance.

Any individual who wishes to maintain confidentiality may speak with off-campus rape or domestic violence crisis counselors and off-campus members of the clergy and chaplains.

What Happens When a Report Is Filed?

Following a report of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or sexual violence, the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinator (for matters involving employees) will designate an individual(s) to conduct an investigation. As part of the investigation, as appropriate, the investigator(s) will meet with the reporting party, meet with the responding party, conduct additional interviews with fact witnesses, and gather relevant documentation. All investigations will be thorough, reliable and impartial.

Detailed information regarding the Title IX process can be found in the Sexual Misconduct Guidelines


Privacy of the parties is a top priority to the college. However, sometimes limited information must be disclosed to fully investigate a report. The college will weigh the impacted party's request for confidentiality in determining whether or how to proceed with an investigation. In some instances, to protect the safety of the STLCC community, an investigation may still go forward even if the impacted party refuses to participate with the investigation.

If the reported Title IX Policy violation constitutes a reportable offense under the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, the Title IX coordinator is required to report basic non-identifying information to the college's Department of Public Safety. Further, the college may have to provide a timely warning in a manner likely to reach all members of the campus community in order to safeguard students and campus employees.

Retaliation Is Prohibited

Retaliation against an individual because the individual filed a complaint alleging a violation of Title IX; participated in a Title IX investigation, hearing or proceeding; or advocated for others' Title IX rights is prohibited. Individuals are not to be intimidated, threatened, coerced or discriminated against for engaging in such activity. Any person who participates in such retaliation shall be subject to disciplinary action.

Board Policy Statement

St. Louis Community College is committed to non-discrimination and equal opportunities in its admissions, educational programs, activities and employment regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, genetic information or status as a disabled or Vietnam-era veteran and will take action necessary to ensure non-discrimination. Policy B.9

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