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Classroom Emergency Support

Information Technology seeks to assist all faculty members of STLCC with technical needs so that class sessions may progress smoothly and uninterrupted. In the event that something does not go well, we are dedicated to providing full support until the issue is resolved.

In class and need IT help?

Just press the 5113 button on the classroom telephone or call 314-539-5113 to get connected with the first available support staff.

Support hours during the semester for the 5113 line are:

Monday - Thursday: 7:30 a.m.-7 p.m.

Friday: 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m.

Although we strive to be able to triage and resolve your issue immediately. Sometimes certain repairs can take longer. Please always have a backup plan in case the technology in the classroom fails.

Examples of times when resolutions may take longer than an initial visit to the classroom:

  • The projector’s bulb is burnt out, approximately 24 hours
  • Lab machines need software, up to 2 week turn around

Support is NOT provided for:

  • Non-standard software or hardware
  • Non-academic/non-College related devices
  • Non technology related needs, such as white boards, flip boards, chalk, or markers

How to use the controls in the classrooms

  • Press the ON button from the Extron Controller on the instructors desk on the projectorExtron controller faceplate
  • Power on the classroom computer, if not already on
  • Press the PC button on the Extron Controller to display the classroom computer

  • Press the ON button from the Extron Controller on the instructor’s desk Extron Controller Faceplate
  • Power on the document camera
    • Look for the gray button on the sideDocument Camera
    • The power light will blink red for several seconds, when it turns green, it is ready to use
  • Press the Doc Cam button on the Extron Controller to display the document camera on the projector

  • Press the AUTO FOCUS button to automatically focus the image
  • Press the LAMP button to turn the overhead lamp on and off
  • Press the ZOOM IN/ZOOM OUT buttons to zoom in and out on the image

Note: The arm can extend and the camera head swivel

  • Press the ON button from the Extron Controller on the instructors deskExtron Controller Faceplate
  • Connect a laptop to the wall plate with an HDMI cordHDMI Wall Plate
  • Press the Laptop button on the Extron Controller to display the laptop on the projector

Note: If the laptop button is lit orange it will display HDMI; if lit red it will display VGA. Double tap the laptop button to switch from HDMI or VGA

  • If low or no volume, check that the volume knob is turned up on the switch
  • Also check that the volume is turned up on the selected device
  • If the projector is not displaying correctly, select a different source, wait 1 minute and switch back to the intended source

Classroom Technology FAQ

The college is working to update all existing classrooms with the Pole Vault display technologies. In rooms that have been updated, you will see a push button control box to turn on the projector and select your output (computer, laptop, document camera).

From the push button control panel, ensure the power on button is illuminated. Then push the source button of the source you wish to display.

If it is still not displaying, select a different source to see if the display changes and then select your desired source again.

If the problem persists, restart the control panel and your computer. To restart the system, select the button in the upper right-hand corner of the touch panel that says "POWER OFF". Depending on the room, this can take up to three minutes. Once you see the lights stop flashing on the projector, press the Power On.

From the control panel, touch the sound button and make sure the mute is not turned on. Also, check the sound level on the control panel and computer to make sure the sound is turned up and not muted.

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