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Mitel Connect App

The Mitel Connect app enables you to bring your desk phone with you wherever you go to access your STLCC contacts and manage your calls and voicemails. It is not recommended for employees who share a phone or have multiple phone numbers.


  • No more giving out your personal number - your STLCC caller ID is used when placing calls
  • Reach coworkers quickly via favorites or extensions (4-digit dialing)
  • Visually manage your voicemails
  • Manage your missed calls
  • Change your phone Availability State (Available, In A Meeting, Out of Office, etc.) without a computer
  • (Optional) Use handover between WiFi and cellular and never lose a call

Note: This application is intended only for business calling. As such, emergency calls (e.g. 911) will be routed over the cellular network when available and not over WiFi.

Note: Workgroup calls will not be routed to the app. Workgroup agents should use the Mitel Desktop Client if possible when working remotely.

  • To use the app, submit a request to have your phone enabled.
  • You will need to provide the STLCC ‘desk’ phone number and your mobile number.

Setting Up the App on your Mobile Phone

  1. Download the Mitel Connect app on your mobile phone.
  2. Use your Mitel login credentials (your Windows credentials or extension and password). Select MiVoice Connect (Premise) and use the server address mitelmobile.stlcc.edu, then choose Next.
    Mitel Connect app login screen
  3. Use the password you use to login to Mitel on your desktop and your mobile number.
    Mitel Connect app password screen
  4. You should now be successfully provisioned.
    Mitel Connect app provisioning success  Mitel Connect app main screen
  5. IMPORTANT: Access the app settings via the gear icon. Select VoIP Settings and enable Over Cell Data.
    Mitel Connect app settings screen  Mitel Connect VoIP settings screen

If you need assistance, please contact the STLCC IT HelpDesk at 314-539-5113 or helpdesk@stlcc.edu.

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