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Canvas Information for Faculty

STLCC transitioned all teaching and learning to the Canvas learning management system effective summer 2022.

Access Canvas (Faculty and Staff)

Learn about the Canvas Transition

There are many ways to learn! Welcome to using the Canvas learning management system at STLCC. Here is what you can do to learn more now:

  1. Review LMS I and LMS II training in Canvas. (Log in to Canvas and select the Online Training and Certification course).
  2. Learn to use Panopto in your course in Canvas.
  3. Request Canvas course development shells to create your own template courses.
  4. Experiment in your practice course and work in your Canvas development shells that you expect to teach in summer and/or fall 2022. (Video tutorials are available in the Canvas Transition Team).
  5. Attend service week sessions and subsequent trainings.

Training Resources

Canvas Overview by Instructure (41 minute overview video)

What to Expect: Export/Import/Navigation (26 minute tutorial video)

Export/Import Checklist (Print Tutorial)

Modules, Pages, Files & Grade book (16 minute tutorial video)

New Quizzes & Item Banks (13 minute tutorial video)

LMS I Essentials (must be logged into Canvas)

LMS II Advanced (must be logged into Canvas)

Using Panopto (Featured Video Tutorials)

Migrating Videos from Blackboard to Canvas using Panopto (Video tutorial)

For students who you've authorized an Incomplete grade, you must complete the following steps if you plan to use the LMS for the remainder of the student's requirements. These are the steps for using Canvas and assume you have already begun the academic process to continue the incomplete.

Spring 2022 and Earlier:
  1. Download student work from Blackboard (Should have been done prior to May 30. If not please make a note in the comments on step 5)
  2. Request an Incomplete Course Shell. If you cannot find the CRN for your course, please provide the subject, course, and section (example: ART 123 201)
  3. Export the Blackboard course and Import into Canvas. (The export and download should have been completed prior to May 30. If not please make a note in the comments on step 5). Additional time will be required.
  4. Update the imported course in Canvas
  5. Notify Online Education that the course is ready for student enrollment - complete the Online Help Request form and select Incomplete Enrollments as the area of concern
  6. Communicate with your student(s) to ensure they are prepared to complete the course work in Canvas and understand your expectations
Summer 2022 and Later:
  • Simply follow the academic process to continue the incomplete. If you are unfamiliar with this process, please contact your dean.
  • We will create another section in your current course to continue the incomplete and send you more information once the continuation is processed to Online Education through the registrar.

For additional questions/assistance, please submit an Online Education- Request for Assistance form. The first available team member will reach out.

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