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Proctored Exams

What is a Proctored Exam

A proctored exam is an assessment that is monitored by an individual (in person or virtually) or through software recordings. Proctored experiences ensures the identity of the test taker, the integrity of the test taking environment. 

Does my course require a proctored exam?

To determine if your course requires a proctored exam, check the Interactive Schedule and look for the course attribute PEX - Proctored Exam(s) Required.  The type of proctored experience will also be listed in the text information below the course listing.  Detailed information regarding proctor options and processes will be provided in your Canvas course shell. 

Proctored experiences are at the discretion of your instructor and may require students to test at an STLCC Testing Center, an Off-Site Proctor location, virtually via Proctor U or Respondus, or any combination of the above. 

Proctor Locations Defined:

  • STLCC Campus Location – an STLCC Testing Center at any campus location.
  • Off-Site Proctor location– a verified testing site in the student’s geographical area. This site must be approved by STLCC testing personnel and the student’s instructor.  
  • Live Virtual Proctoring – an online proctor service using computer technology (webcam, speakers, microphone, etc.) to monitor a student during a proctored experience. STLCC currently uses Proctor U for live virtual proctoring.  Note: Not all classes offer Proctor U as an option for proctored tests. 
  • Machine Monitored Proctoring – an online proctor software using computer technology (webcam, microphones) to record students during an online exam. STLCC currently uses Respondus Monitor and Lockdown Browser for machine-monitored proctoring. Note: Not all classes offer Respondus as an option for proctored tests. 

Student Responsibilities

 Face to Face & Hybrid Classes

Students who would like to test in the Testing Center should request an appointment two (2) business days in advance.  Students can make appointments via email, phone or in person.  Faculty will be notified of their request.  On the testing date, students will be required to provide a valid photo ID. All materials and items will be locked up except for anything allowed by the faculty for the exam. If the student will be using approved accommodations, they should inform the Testing Center when making an appointment.  

Online, LVL & Hy-Flex Classes

Students should complete the Proctored Testing Choice form which will populate a report for instructors, the Testing Center, and Online Education to provide notice of student intent. The testing coordinator and Online Education will use this information to ensure Testing Centers are prepared for the number of students choosing to use their sites and Online Education will monitor Proctor U usage. 

Students who choose Off-Site Proctor location will complete the Off-Campus Testing Site Approval Request which will be sent to the Testing Center coordinator. The testing coordinator will review the information, validate the testing site and either approve or disapprove the request. If the request is disapproved the student and instructor will be informed and the student will be directed to find a new location that meets STLCC’s Proctored Testing Requirements.  

To assist in finding an appropriate Proctor site that is in geographic proximity to the student, students should use the NCTA Proctoring Network – Find A Proctor.   


An off-site proctor location must have the ability to:

  • Safeguard and protect the honesty, integrity, and fairness of the test and the testing procedure, including the ability to lock away tests and secure password information.
  • Provide a distraction-free environment conducive to testing.
  • Provide the student with access to a computer with Internet access or a quiet space to take paper/pencil exams. (In the case of paper/pencil exams, proctor sites must be able to scan and email the exam and scratch paper at the end of the proctor experience).
  • Provide adequate parking which meets ADA requirements.
  • Proctor sites may NOT be a private residence unless given special exception due to mobility limitations or special needs. (To secure this special exception the student must work with the College’s Access Office). 

Proctors at off-site locations must ensure the security and integrity of the exam process, and

  • Must be an objective third party, with no interest in the student’s test results.
  • Proctors may not be family members, supervisors, friends, or co-workers or be employed by or supervised by a family member or friend.
  • Must be a professional who is knowledgeable in safeguarding proper testing conditions.
  • Must provide a professional e-mail account and physical work address to verify his or her title. (A professional URL is preferred.)

Examples of Approved Off-Site Proctors: 

  • University/College testing centers
  • Private testing centers (e.g.: Sylvan)
  • Public libraries
  • Embassy education officer
  • Military base education officer
  • Overseas military – Non-commissioned officer in charge or Officer- in-Charge
  • School principal, vice principal, full-time librarian, teacher, or school counselor 
    College professor, dean, or director
  • Human resource manager, training director, training officer

Examples of Unacceptable Off-Site Proctors

  • Neighbor, relative, friend
  • Supervisor or co-worker
  • Employee of a family member or friend
  • Student teachers or graduate students
  • Minister, priest, or rabbi
  • Coach
  • Athletic advisors

Your proctor may ask you to provide the following information when scheduling your exam:

Your name
Name of institution and course
Instructor’s name
Test date and time
Your my.stlcc.edu e-mail address

STLCC has contracted with Proctor U to provide virtual proctoring services. Students must sign up for a free account with Proctor U using their STLCC email account. Testing with Proctor U is free for students when the student schedules the exam at least three (3) days prior to the testing date. Students who schedule the exam less than three (3) days prior to the test date or who cancel an appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled time will be charged the surcharge assessed by Proctor U. 

Testing with Proctor U requires a stable Internet connection, a webcam, a microphone, and the ability to be in a testing location that is free of distractions.  Students must allow the Proctor U proctor to visually scan their environment (through the use of a webcam).  Proctor U uses browser extension and remote support software for the live proctor experience. The extension and software are automatically deleted as soon as the proctoring session is completed. Students should carefully review the Proctor U Test Taker FAQs for complete information including privacy policies and data retention policies. 

Note: Not all classes offer Proctor U as an option for proctored tests. 

STLCC currently uses Respondus Monitor and Lockdown Browser for machine-monitored proctoring.  This is a fully automated proctor solution where students use their computer webcam and microphone to record themselves while taking an online exam. Students will be required to download the Lockdown browser software (link will be in Canvas classroom) to their computer.  Videos of the exam are made available to the instructor and are “machine” flagged for potential issues. 

Testing with Respondus Monitor and Lockdown Browser requires a stable Internet connection, the ability to download software to the testing computer, a webcam, a microphone, and the ability to be in a testing location that is free of distractions.  

Note: Not all classes offer Respondus as an option for proctored tests. 


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