Proctored Exams

A proctored exam is an exam that is supervised by an approved, neutral person (a proctor) who ensures the identity of the test taker and the integrity of the test taking environment. Traditionally, proctored exams are done under direct supervision of the instructor or in a testing center.

Does my course require a proctored exam?

List of Courses with Proctored Exams


Subject Course

Section Number


# exams

30874 ACC:100 266 Kraja, Elida 2
30979 ACC:100 224 Kraja, Elida 2
31586 BIO:111 204 Harms, Robert 1
32659 BIO:111 293 Martin Atkins, Jody 2
30940 BIO:117 296 Martin Atkins, Jody 2
30311 BIO:123 216 Martin Atkins, Jody 2
30999 MTH:140 223 Ballard, Kelly 4
32606 MTH:140 233 Elliott, John 4
31592 MTH:140 244 Frost, James 4
33271 MTH:140 213 Lewis, Christine 2
31280 MTH:140 255 Lewis, Christine 2
33178 MTH:140 265 Nisbet, Lynne 4
32832 MTH:140 276 Speegle, Aletta 4
30163 MTH:140 286 Speegle, Aletta 4
32350 MTH:160 203 Ballard, Kelly 4
31749 MTH:160 214 Elliott, John 4
31786 MTH:160 225 Frost, James 4
33204 MTH:160 235 Graville, Teri 4
31768 MTH:160 256 Henry, Sarah 4
32833 MTH:160 246 Frost, James 4
31747 MTH:160 293 Suess, Patricia  
31613 MTH:161 263 Granger, Kimberlyann  
31944 MTH:170 274 Carter, Brian  
32610 MTH:180 284 Englert, Brandon  
32838 MTH:180 295 Suess, Patricia 2
31945 MTH:185 204 Carter, Brian  
33005 MTH:186 214 Graville, Teri 4
32293 MTH:210 224 Boehm, Jason  
34047 MTH:220 215 Lueke, H Michael  
34048 MTH:220 216 Negash, Efrem  
33004 MTH:230 234 Lueke, H Michael  

Where can I find a proctor location?

If you are located in the St. Louis area

  • Attend the scheduled exam time at the college
    • Your instructor will usually offer at least one exam time at one of our campus locations so that you can take the exam at no cost.
  • Use STLCC’s testing services

If you are not in the St. Louis area

  • Locate a proctor
    • All proctors must be approved by your instructor.
      Find an Exam Site and Proctor
    • You will need to identify a testing site no later than the second week of the semester.

Choosing a testing site

When selecting a testing site and proctor you may want to consider the following factors:

  • Distance from residence;
  • Hours of operation;
  • Testing fee charged; (please note that all testing fees are the responsibility of the student)
  • Students have access to Blackboard;
  • Students with disabilities can be accommodated;
  • Schedule testing date(s) per test provider’s requirements, typically two to seven days in advance.

Your proctor may ask you to provide the following information when scheduling your exam:

  • Your name
  • Name of institution and course
  • Instructor’s name
  • Test date and time
  • Your e-mail address

What to do on test day

  1. Call ahead to confirm the proctor has your test or verify that you have access to the test in Blackboard
  2. Arrive promptly;
  3. Bring STLCC student ID or government-issued ID which contains your name and picture

What if I am not able to locate an approved proctor?

Contact your instructor for additional assistance on identifying a proctor.

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