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Preparing to Learn Remotely and From a Distance

STLCC offers learners multiple ways to learn including Online, Live Virtual Lecture (LVL) and hybrid classes; each of these learning modalities require self-motivation, time management skills, good computer skills, and persistence. Review the ways to learn information below and then follow the guidelines presented to prepare for your success!

Ways to Learn

Require you to be online and present for class at set days/times throughout the week. You will interact live with your classmates and instructors during the set class periods.

Require a blend of learning that may consist of face-to-face (travel to campus), live virtual lecture (real-time learning online), and/or fully online (no real-time presence required).

Require you to meet set due dates and actively participate throughout each week but allows you to determine when you can log in to participate each day.

Require you to choose each class period whether to participate virtually (real-time online) or on campus. You must be present for class at set days/times throughout the week either on-campus or online. 

Know the Technology Requirements

Ensure you have access to stable Internet. The College has a limited supply of "Hot spots" available for students to check out, if needed. Contact the College's Help Desk for more information.

Ensure you have a working computer that can access the Internet, allows you to download and upload files, browse websites, and play audio/video files. Make sure your computer meets the minimal technical requirements for Canvas. 

Check the Interactive Class Schedule for your classes to see if proctored testing is required (look for the PEX class attribute under the instructor name). If proctored testing is required, ensure you have a computer that will allow you to download proctor software such as Respondus

Ensure you have a webcam and microphone and know how to use them. Be prepared to be present both on camera and with audio for LVL and/or Hybrid classes and to complete assignments (audio and/or video) in some fully online classes.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Login to Banner Self-Service and verify your phone number is accurate.

Know What's Expected

Get your textbooks and class resources before classes begin in a campus bookstore or online.

Access the Microsoft Office 365 software freely available to you as a student; includes WORD, EXCEL and PowerPoint!

Log in to Canvas and check out Learning Online at STLCC  in your course listing for helpful tips on navigating Canvas and more! 

Review information on Student Navigate, ensure access, and familiarize yourself with how to schedule appointments with y our advisor, career specialist, or tutor.

Take the SmarterMeasure self-assessment to understand your strengths and potential weaknesses when learning remotely and/or from a distance. Discuss your findings with your advisor and/or contact Online Education for additional tips for learning online.

Connect with our free Academic Success & Tutoring Center and participate in planned events!

Practice good learning habits -

Set aside time to focus and make sure to keep up with assignments and other class activities.

Have a back-up plan if your computer or Internet connection fails. Remember technology problems are not an excuse for missed deadlines.

Communicate with your instructor, let them know if you have questions or run into problems.

Attend the Online Education drop-in sessions to meet with Online Education staff and to discover resources that are available to you! Dates/times for drop-in session will be posted and emailed out regularly. 


STLCC provides you with support and resources to be successful in all instructional environments. You are not alone on this journey! Reach out, participate, ask questions, and make your education your first priority!

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