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Getting Started

If you are new to St. Louis Community College or would like to update your accommodations with the Access Office, you can start here. Please follow the directions below to begin your journey with STLCC and the Access Office!

1. Schedule a meeting at the Access Office location of your choice. Online students are encouraged to contact one of the campus offices by stopping by, emailing or calling.

2. During the initial meeting, you will:

3. The Campus Documentation Review Committee will:

  • Meet weekly to discuss documentation received and approve accommodations.
  • Typically, documentation can be reviewed within two weeks, so it is important to start the process early.
  • You will be notified (in writing) of any accommodation not approved; the reason why, effective alternatives and next steps.
  • Your access specialist will prepare your Instructor Notification form listing approved accommodations.
  • Your access specialist will introduce you to available Assistive Technologies and guide you to make an appointment  with the District Wide Adaptive Technology Coordinator Scott Armstead to learn about technologies that might be most important to you at STLCC.

4. Instructor Notification forms:

  • Will be automatically routed to your my.stlcc.edu email address.
  • Are forwarded by you to each of your professors, either by email or in person.
  • Provide a framework for student and faculty interaction regarding necessary accommodations.

5. Communicate your disability-related needs and specific requests with each professor.

  • Remember, you are not required to disclose your disability.
  • If you need assistance with this process, just inform your specialist!

6.  Maintain communication and ask questions!

  • Never delay informing your specialist of accommodation issues. It's much easier to resolve situations when they initially arise.
  • Schedule follow-up appointments as needed. We like to check in with students every two weeks in their first semester.
  • Use instructor office hours to ensure you are staying on target with academics and accommodations.
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