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Getting Started

Schedule and attend your initial appointment:

Contact the Access Office on the campus you plan to attend to schedule the Initial Appointment.

The Access Office application for services can be completed online beforehand or in person during your Initial Appointment.

During your Initial Appointment you and an Access Specialist will discuss:

  • barriers you experience in your academics;
  • accommodations that work best for you; and
  • the type of documentation that may be needed to support your request.  For guidance on the documentation required, review our Documentation Guidelines.

Submit documentation of a disability

For guidance on the documentation required, review our Documentation Guidelines.

You can submit documentation in person during your Initial Appointment.   If applicable, the Access Office can assist with the completion of releases for documentation to send to appropriate professionals. 

Documentation can also be submitted at a later time via fax, email or in-person. 

If more information is needed you will be contacted and asked to provide additional documentation.

Return for your accommodation appointment:

Following the initial appointment, review of documentation and approval of accommodations, the Access Office will contact you to set up an appointment to discuss:

  • your accommodations;
  • how to use your specific accommodations; and
  • how to talk with your instructors about your accommodations.  (If you need assistance in speaking to instructors you may request the support of a Specialist in this process.)

To ensure continued services each semester, you must inform the Access Office each semester you are enrolled.

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