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Banner 9 Project Timeline

The Banner 9 upgrade is a multi-year project. It is the biggest change in Banner since its installation in 2001. It will be done in a phased release approach to various populations across campuses. 

The objective of the first phase is to complete the implementation of all transformed modules at one time. This upgrade must be fully rolled out into production before December 31, 2018 because Ellucian will no longer develop new versions of Banner 8x as of January 2019.

Banner Self-Service is not changing at this point. Students, faculty, and staff who use Banner self-service (SSB) will see no changes in this activity. The first phase of the upgrade will change the Banner experience for users of the Banner 8 administrative forms, also known as INB.

Phase two will only affect and involve IT professional staff. 

Phase three will affect everyone. Every Banner user will ultimately be impacted by this change including all faculty, staff, and students and include the upgrade of Banner infrastructure. As of June 2022, Ellucian completed the upgrade of all the modules and phase two is currently underway.

Phase One –   April 2018 to December 2018 - Completed

  • Upgrading Banner Forms (know as screens) to Admin Pages
  • Will only affect some STLCC staff and faculty users (not students)

Phase Two - Target Dates: January 2019 to June 2022

  • Focusing on sizing and designing the environment, and applying all pre-requisites
  • Testing Banner 9 Self-Service released applications to determine readiness and plan the timeline for the roll out

Phase Two – Target Dates: July 2022 to December 2024 - (Delayed)

Upgrade the self-service module and plan the roll-out of the following applications:

  • Banner 9 employee self-service
  • Banner 9 finance self-service 
  • Banner 9 student and faculty self-service applications
  • Banner 9 student registration
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