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Banner 9 FAQ

General Questions

This upgrade will be done in 3 phases. Phase one will be from April 2018 to December 3, 2018. During this phase, we will be upgrading all Banner forms to Banner 9. Phase two will take place from January 2019 until June 2022. Phase 3 will be from July 2022 to December 2024.

There are many benefits to upgrading including:

  • All support for Banner 8 Forms will be terminated as of January 2019.
  • Keeping up with current technology industry standards
  • The problems with browser compatibility have become increasingly difficult.
  • Moving away from reliance on the Java plug-in on client workstations
  • Consistent look and use across Banner pages (formerly called forms)
  • Banner pages supports mobile devices

Some things will stay the same, including:

  • Data and the way data is entered
  • Seven character form names (such as SPAIDEN, PPAIDEN, FOAIDEN, APAIDEN)
  • Users’ security access to forms

Yes, there are some new definitions for Administrative Banner that differ from Internet Native Banner.

Phase one will only impact approximately 800 staff and faculty users of Banner Forms (INB) users. Phase two and three will impact everyone including students.

Yes. The different offices will be offering specific training for the different functional areas across campuses. Training will run for three weeks between October 22, 2018 until November 12, 2018. You will be notified when your area will be having training. Additional online self-paced training will be required for Banner Form users.

Yes, you will use your MySTLCC ID username and password.

Speak with your team and area leads about questions concerning your business processes. Send your general questions to banner9upgrade@stlcc.edu.

Banner 9 can be used with all browsers. Firefox and Chrome are the preferred browsers.

You can use the CTL+ to increase the size and CTL- to decrease the size.

No. Two pages cannot be open at same time. You could come close to same experience by opening a second Banner 9 session. The navigation between two pages is made simpler by the Application Navigator recently visited pages feature.

Filtering / Querying Data Questions

Yes, you will be able to use wildcard searches when searching. Though, you may not need to use them all the item. There is a new feature in Administrative Banner called ‘auto complete’ that provides a list of items that match what you are typing. It assumes the wildcard at the beginning and the end of the entered text.

Filtering tips:

  • Filters are case sensitive.
  • Verify that you have selected the appropriate operator from the drop down.
  • Multiple fields can be selected to narrow your results.

Navigation Questions

Yes, your access to pages (formerly called forms) will not change.

Yes, there is still a means to get to associated pages, now called "Related to Current". This is accessed via the 'Go To' menu.

If you hover over the function (e.g. Go) Banner will display the shortcut keys to use for that function.

Yes, you will be able to navigate from section to section using the PageUp and PageDown keys.

Yes, you will be able to search for pages (formerly called forms) by their seven character name such as SPAIDEN, PPAIDEN, APAIDEN etc. An enhancement in Administrative Banner is the ability to find a page by its description. For instance, if the text “general student” is entered in the search bar, the SGASTDN page will be retrieved for you to select.

Yes, My Banner is still available. Enter ‘my banner’ in the search field on the Welcome page to access your list of pages.

Some keyboard shortcuts will work. Others had to be changed. This is because Administrative Banner is completely internet based where key strokes are already in use. Reference the Banner 9 Hotkeys Guide.

Because Administrative Banner runs in a web browser, some keyboard shortcuts had to be changed while others no longer work. See the Banner 9 Hotkeys Guide for a list of all new shortcut keys.

Employee Self-Service

  1. Send a detailed list of the requested corrections/updates to HR-Compliance (hr-servicecenter@stlcc.edu). An SUPCHG (Supervisor Change) ePAF is not required, however, A# and position of the employees and the A# and position number of the supervisor should be included in the email.
  2. Part time pooled positions that have multiple supervisors are not able to be accurately reflected at this time.

Send an email to the IT helpdesk at helpdesk@stlcc.edu requesting assistance with accessing your timesheet/leave report. Be sure to include the name of your current time approver and your current time keeping organization code, if known.

Send an email to the IT helpdesk at helpdesk@stlcc.edu requesting assistance with accessing your timesheet/leave report approval queue. Be sure to include the name(s) of the employees you expect to see in your queue and the current time keeping organization code.

Please reach out to stlccpayroll@stlcc.edu 

Please reach out to stlccbenefits@stlcc.edu

Please reach out to hr-servicecenter@stlcc.edu

There is a short video tutorial located in the Employee Self-Service SharePoint site that can assist with getting started on entering ePAFs using the new platform.

Addresses (mailing or business) can be edited directly from within your employee profile.

  • You can find quick guides to help with updating personal information on the Employee Self-Service SharePoint site.

If you have a residential address or campus address requiring an update, please submit an Employee Information Sheet to HR-servicecenter (hr-servicecenter@stlcc.edu ) for updating. 

Your profile picture is the picture we have on file for your ID Badge and cannot be updated within Employee Self-Service. If you need a new ID badge, please reach out to hr-servicecenter@stlcc.edu for more information on this process.

Click the back arrow on your browser to get back to the Employee Dashboard.

This can still be found in Banner Self-Service within the Finance Tab.



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