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March 15, 2024

After a long delay, Banner 9 Self-Service implementation is an active project again. The roll out of the delivered applications will be delivered in phases. We are exited to announce that Employee Self-Service is the first application that is scheduled to go-live on March 19, 2024. Employee Self-Service is delivered with a clean and modern interface. It offers an employee dashboard that's straightforward and well organized. 

The main dashboard page for team leads, supervisors and managers include a My Team button, which provides access to leave balances, profile data and emergency contact info for your direct reports.  Some of the key features of the new Employee Self-Service:

  • Simple and secure login using single sign-on with multi factor authentication.
  • Time accrued is much simpler and easy to find. Medical and vacation leave balances prominently featured at the top of the dashboard page.
  • Personal details and contact information can be found under Employee profile.
  • Job summary and employee summary data, pay information and details about your earnings, benefits and taxes are grouped together.
  • Other key activities like entering leave and approving time, depending on the role, such as ePAF, salary planner, labor redistribution, pay stub administrator and benefits administrator are nicely organized under mini dashboard called My Activities. 
May 25, 2022

The second phase of the project is currently underway.  Banner 9 Implementation Team is meeting and working very hard on setting up the modules.  Below is the active list of activities:

  • Configuring delivered Banner 9 self service applications
  • Planning users training
May 25, 2020

Planning is underway to resume with the second phase of Banner 9 project. The second phase will be focused on the student and faculty modules. More detailed activities will be posted soon.

December 3, 2018

The first phase of the project is complete. We completed the implementation of Banner 9 Admin Pages and the upgrade of Banner Document Management system.

October 1, 2018

The first phase of the project is currently underway.  Banner 9 Implementation Team is meeting weekly and working very hard on testing and planning the training for the users.  Below is the active list of activities:

  • Testing the new Admin Pages,  and Job Submissions
  • Testing the integrated solutions
    • Automic - Scheduled data processing jobs
    • Banner Workflow  -- Automated business processes
    • Clean Address 5.0
  • Planning users training -- Training is scheduled to start on October 22, 2018.


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