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Register for Classes Online

Before registering, make note of the Course Reference Number (CRN) for each of the classes you wish to take. The CRN can be found on the Interactive Class Schedule.

  1. Log in to Banner Self-Service
    • Enter your MySTLCC ID, and secure password, then click Login.
    • If this is your first time logging in, refer to the Steps For First-Time Users.
  2. Click Student Services & Financial Aid.
  3. Click Registration.
  4. Click Select Term, and then choose a semester from the drop-down menu. Click the Submit button.
  5. Click Registration or Add/Drop Classes.
  6. Use the Add Classes Worksheet on the bottom of the Add or Drop Classes page to enter the CRNs for the course/s for which you would like to register.
    • Click in the first CRN field and enter the CRN for the first course that you need. Tab to the next field and enter another CRN if needed. Up to 10 courses can be added at one time.
    • Click Submit Changes. The courses you have entered will be displayed under the Current Schedule heading.
  7. After you have finished adding your courses, click Registration Fee Assessment and review your courses and fees.

If you experience errors during registration, they are not uncommon. Try to work through an error to determine if you can correct it. If you need assistance with registration, call any of the offices listed on the Add or Drop Classes page.

Some common registration errors and holds are:

  • You may not add or drop classes due to holds on your record
    Select Student Services and Financial Aid Tab, Click on Student
    Records and click on View Holds. Contact the appropriate
    office for your type of hold.
  • You require re-admission prior to registration
    You must complete the Archer Application for admission.
  • User has no student record
    You have selected a semester/term in which you are not
    eligible to register. For example, you applied for the spring
    semester and are trying to register for the fall semester.
  • Registration is not available at this time
    Online registration is not open, please refer to dates and times
    for registration.
  • Prerequisite and Test Score Error
    You must see an academic advisor.
  • Corequisite
    Corequisite means that you are required to take two courses
    at the same time and therefore, you must also register for the
    corequisite course.
  • Time Conflict Error
    You are trying to register for courses that have times that
    conflict with one another. You should find a new section for
    one of the courses.
  • Closed Section
    The section/course you are trying to register is closed. You will
    have to find a different section or course.
  • Maximum hours exceeded
    You are trying to enroll in more credit hours than you are
    allowed. You will need to see the manager of Academic
    Advising for approval to take more hours than allowed.
  • “Course Program Coordinator/ESL Coordinator/Academic Advisor/Counselor”
    You must receive permission from the appropriate person to
    register for the specific section or course.
  • “Duplicate CRN”
    There is a glitch in the system and you should contact the
    Admissions/Registration office.
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