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Microsoft Office 365 free to all our students

The IT department is proud to offer Microsoft Office 365 to all our students. While enrolled at STLCC this service provides each student with:

  • 1TB OneDrive cloud storage
  • Your College email account
  • Access to Office Online applications
  • Plus many more features such as MS PowerApps

Each student can install Office 365 ProPlus on up to five home or personally-owned PCs/Macs and up to five mobile devices.  Office mobile applications are available for iOS and Android devices and automatically included with all Windows phones.

Student Email

Your my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account is official means of communication with St. Louis Community College. All communication from the college to students will be sent to my.stlcc.edu student e-mail addresses including e-bills, financial aid updates, registration deadlines, assignments, student worker payroll stubs, etc. The my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account will also be the account that instructors use in Canvas.

Login to Student Email

Upon activation, you will receive a mailbox using the my.stlcc.edu domain through Office 365. The mailbox is accessible through the Web interface either through
Current Students or www.outlook.com/my.stlcc.edu, on a Web-connected mobile phone, or by POP3 e-mail through clients like Microsoft Office Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail. 

There's no inbox advertising for students. It also includes 50 GB of storage. Plus you'll get many capabilities such as address book and mobile push e-mail, instant messaging and more.

Spam checks are bypassed for faculty e-mail deliveries to my.stlcc.edu student e-mail accounts to prevent faculty-to-student e-mail from being falsely classified as spam. But you do have one-click control over incoming nuisance spam and scam e-mail.

Anti-virus defense and spell checking are standard, and it works for Windows, Mac and Linux computers using recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

My.stlcc.edu student e-mail provides you a professional e-mail address, appropriate to communicate with potential employers and professionals in their field while you are a student.  The ".edu" domain affirms you are associated with an academic institution.

Office 365 ProPlus

With the Office 365 ProPlus Student License, you get the latest version of Microsoft Office for the operating system (Windows/Mac) or device you are using. STLCC students can download and install Office features like those shown here:

Supported Devices

  • Office 365 ProPlus for PC
  • Office 365 ProPlus for Mac
  • Office Mobile for iPhone
  • Office Mobile for iPad
  • Office Mobile for Android
Warning: If you have an earlier version of Microsoft Office on your computer, you should uninstall that before installing Office 365 ProPlus.


Maintaining Your License

To maintain your license, you will need to launch at least one Office application at least once a month while connected to the internet to verify your eligibility. Your copy of Office will remain active as long as you maintain your status as a student.

Once you graduate or leave the college, you will have the opportunity to keep using the software by paying for a license directly from Microsoft.

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus Frequently Asked Questions

Each subscription license allows you to run Office on up to five machines being Mac or PC. You can also run Office Mobile for Android or Office Mobile for iPhone on up to 5 mobile devices.

Yes, this is full Office on the PC, Mac, iPhone/iPod Touch, and Android platform and all are available for offline use.

Students who are enrolled in one or more credit classes at STLCC are eligible for Office 365 ProPlus. Students must connect to the Internet once every 30 days to verify they are still eligible for the program.

Your access to Microsoft ProPlus will continue for a short period of time after you graduate or your registration drops. At that time you will receive a notice that your subscription is going to expire, and you have the option to continue this subscription on your own or enter a product key to re-install a previous version of Microsoft Office. When you are no longer eligible, you will still be able to access and print files saved locally. You will not be able to install new instances of Office 365 ProPlus and you will not be able to create/save/edit files. As the license for Office 365 ProPlus is assigned in conjunction with OneDrive for Business, files saved there are no longer available once the ProPlus license is removed by the College.

You will be licensed to use this software while you're an enrolled student.

Yes, Lync has been rebranded as Skype for Business and is now available to currently enrolled students. Lync/Skype for Business can let you send instant messages to other students and join online meetings with STLCC instructors and anyone else in the world who uses Skype for Business.

Microsoft Office Suite

Features for your my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account include online access to four of Microsoft's most popular personal productivity applications. You can create, edit, share and save documents in the following Web apps:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote documents
  • more are being added all the time!

You can manage documents in one convenient place and view documents from almost any computer with a Web browser. Save over 1,000 Microsoft Office documents in one online place - for free.

Learn more about Microsoft Office Web Apps.

STLCC OneDrive

STLCC OneDrive is the St. Louis Community College subscription to OneDrive for Business, a Microsoft online service that provides resources for file storage, collaboration, and communication with other STLCC users. The OneDrive for Business service, aimed at enterprise users, is not the same as the OneDrive service offered by Microsoft to individuals and personal user.

OneDrive for Business is built using Microsoft SharePoint technology, and you might see references to SharePoint while using it. It is the cloud storage solution integrated with the student email offering in Office 365.

STLCC OneDrive offers the following capabilities

  • Store and share files
  • Store up to 1 TB of data in the cloud
  • 2 GB maximum file size
  • Share files with STLCC users (files cannot be shared outside STLCC)

Access & Synchronize Files Easily

  • Access files using Web browsers or mobile devices
  • Access files directly from Microsoft Office desktop applications
  • Synchronize your local files with files in STLCC OneDrive for Business document libraries (with appropriate client software installed)

Create & Edit Microsoft Office Files in the Cloud with Office Web Apps

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote

All files that you store in OneDrive for Business are initially private – only you can see them – unless you decide to share them. You can easily share a file with everyone by placing it in the Shared with Everyone folder. You can also share files with specified classmates so you can collaborate on projects. To use your OneDrive for Business library, select OneDrive (short for OneDrive for Business) in the header at the top of Office 365 page.

The OneDrive for Business sync app lets you synchronize your OneDrive for Business library to your local computer. This sync app is available with Office 2013 and up or with Office 365 subscriptions that include Office applications. If you don’t have Office, a free download of the OneDrive for Business sync app is also available.

To sync OneDrive for Business, sign in to Office, select OneDrive at the top of the page, and then click Sync.

Microsoft OneDrive Frequently Asked Questions

One key difference is that OneDrive for Business is only accessible while you are enrolled as a credit student at STLCC. The documents you store there are removed after the start of the next fall or spring semester if you are not registered for classes at that time. However, OneDrive for Business allows much greater storage than a personal OneDrive. For more information on the differences, see How is OneDrive for Business different from OneDrive? on the Microsoft Office Web site.

To help ensure successful synchronization of multiple files and folders to a local OneDrive for Business folder, add content to your local OneDrive for Business folder in chunks of 200 items or less. An item can be a folder or a file. So, for example, if you add a folder that contains 50 subfolders and 120 files, totaling 170 items, this falls within the acceptable limit.

Sometimes you are prompted for @my.stlcc.edu even if you have already supplied it in the same browser session. Sometimes you are prompted to log in to Office 365 and other times not. The login sequence is not always the same because it depends on complex interactions between the particular browser and application combinations that you have activated prior to accessing Office 365 services. Office 365 may also require you to sign in again if you have been inactive for awhile.

STLCC-IT has disabled the External Sharing feature because of the difficulties in overseeing accounts in a large environment like the STLCC. Oversight is especially critical with Office 365 applications because of the possible presence of data protected by regulations. STLCC-IT will continue to work with Microsoft to understand improvements that need to be made to support collaborative scenarios within an Office 365 environment.

OneDrive for Business is a better option for school related work. It is the cloud storage solution integrated with the student email offering in Office365. OneDrive for Business is a college sponsored, cloud storage solution. It is one way to help you to store school work in the cloud and share with classmates and professors.


With Office 365, you have you own individual calendar. This allows you to manage your schedule. You may share your personal calendar with friends and classmates, or whomever you choose. Simply decide which appointment details you wish to share - location, subject, attendees. Office 365 works with other calendar systems, including Exchange (used by faculty and staff) and iCal.

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