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Campus Technology FAQs

The MySTLCC ID is an unique ID that every student, faculty and staff member is assigned. It is used as your username in conjunction with your password to login to St. Louis Community College systems such as Blackboard. Through MySTLCC ID applications, find out what your MySTLCC ID is, change your secure password, choose security questions and create answers and retrieve a forgotten password.

Credit students, faculty and staff are eligible.

Contact the Admissions/Registration office for assistance. You must present your STLCC photo ID card to obtain your MySTLCC ID and password. If you are an employee, your MySTLCC ID is generated once the hiring manager submits the paperwork to Human Resources.

Your initial password for your MySTLCC ID - is your student ID "A" number with a # sign (example: A12345678#). This initial password can only be used to change to password to something else. This ensures that only the person who has been assigned the account knows the password.

You will be required to change your password before your first login. You can do this by using the change your password application. Follow the prompts to choose a password that is secure, but also one that you will remember.

Password strength refers to how easy it is to guess or crack your password. The stronger your password is, the less likely someone is to guess or crack it. Password policies are now requiring you to use a minimum of 10 characters combining letters, numbers and symbols.

It is important that your password is something that you can remember, but is difficult for someone to guess. When creating a password, follow these guidelines:

Do not use personal information.
Do not use real words.
Mix uppercase and lowercase letters. Passwords are case-sensitive. Mixing meaning both will make it harder for a hacker to guess your password.
Include numbers in your password. Adding numbers to your password increases the complexity.
Use special characters such as . ! @ # $ % ^ * ( ) _ - + = [ ] { } \ | : " ? , . / '. This makes passwords much more difficult to crack.
In the change password online application, there is a checklist to follow that provides additional guidance for creating a secure password when you are resetting your password.
Do not use spaces or foreign language characters as they will prevent you from accessing some applications such as your my.stlcc.edu student e-mail account.

When you begin the process to change your password, you will encounter reCAPTCHA information. The reCAPTCHA system generates an image of a word or sequence of characters the user is prompted to enter. If they enter the correct word or sequence of characters, the reCAPTCHA verifies that the user is in fact a person, preventing internet robots from completing web page forms.

If you forget your password, you can reset it yourself by using the Forgot Your Password application if you have set up your security questions. You will be required to create a new secure password with a minimum of 10 characters combining letters, numbers and symbols.

You will be asked to choose three security questions through Setup, the secret questions application. If you forget your password, you will be prompted to answer these questions to be able to reset your password. There will be several questions to choose from, so be sure to choose questions for which you can remember the answers.

Once you have created your own password, you must change it at least once a year, as it will expire. We strongly encourage you to change your password before it expires, in order to avoid disruption to your access to college systems and services. We recommend changing your password more frequently for higher security by using the change your password application. Each time you change your password, you will initiate a new 365-day expiration cycle.

 You can only change your password once in a 24-hour period.

You will receive an email reminding you of the impending expiration of your password three weeks before the password expires. This email notification will be sent weekly until the password is changed or expires. Email reminders are only sent to STLCC employee (@stlcc.edu) and student (@my.stlcc.edu) email accounts.

If you allow your MySTLCC ID password to expire, you can use the expired password only to change to a new password. If you have forgotten the old password, you must reset it by using the forgot your password application. This application will only work if you have setup your security questions.
If you have NOT set up your security questions, then contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.
In order to avoid disruption to your access to college systems and services, you are strongly encouraged to change your password before it expires.

Yes. It is also the prefix of your my.stlcc.edu student email address.

Yes, once you create your password set for your MySTLCC ID it will automatically become your password for your @my.stlcc.edu student email account. Any MySTLCC ID passwords set before Oct. 19, 2010, were not migrated to the @my.stlcc.edu student email accounts, but will be if you change your MySTLCC ID password or reset it.

The college system retains the history of four passwords. This means that the last four passwords cannot be reused. When the password is changed, you must create a password that is different from the last four passwords. You are strongly encouraged to avoid reusing old passwords.

Your MySTLCC ID password is part of your digital identity at STLCC, no one else's. Your password serves as your access to electronic services within the college. Selecting a good password and changing it periodically are important ways to protect the privacy and integrity of your personal information and finances and can help guard against identity theft. Hackers actively seek out weak passwords they can use to steal services or perpetrate malicious mischief. 

Tips for keeping your password safe:

Set your security questions in MySTLCC ID. Be sure that the answers to your security questions are not easy to guess. Do not store your password in your browser, especially on shared computers. It is your responsibility to protect your information by NOT sharing your MySTLCC password with anyone. Sharing your password with others will enable them to access your personal information.

No. You are strongly advised against saving your password for login services, particularly when your MySTLCC ID is required for login. Saving your password in an application or on a website may seem like a convenient thing to do at the time, but actually can cause you hours of time and headaches later when everything stops working and you have to try to remember the old password in order to use your applications - and then figure out how to reset your new password in the application.

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