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Did you know you can access many of the College’s software without ever stepping foot on campus? St. Louis Community Colleges’ Remote Labs makes it easy to use the college’s software … anytime, anywhere. Use Remote Labs for quick access to specialty software, such as AutoCAD, REVIT or MATLAB, at home or on the go from your College issued loaner laptop.

Available to:

Currently the program is available to all students who have a loaner laptop through the college. Future phases will allow students from any computer.


  • 24/7 online availability via any web browser on your STLCC Loaner Laptop
  • Access to more than 85 specialty programs and apps


  • STLCC Loaner Laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Student VPN connected

Frequently Asked Questions

Printable step-by-step instructions for connecting can be found here.

Performance is heavily dependent on your internet connection. 100 Mbps is the minimum recommended speed, but your experience will benefit from a faster connection.

Sharing your Internet connection with streaming services like Netflix, online gaming services, and peer-to-peer file sharing services will significantly decrease Remote Labs performance.

When you are logged into a computer through Remote Labs, it is recommended you open and save files to your OneDrive account.

In order to connect to the Remote Lab Service, you must first connect your Student VPN connection. This ensures that the connection is encrypted. This means all communications from your computer to the Remote Labs servers are encrypted, making it difficult for someone to hijack the session or view data.

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