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Did you know you can access many of the College’s software without ever stepping foot on campus? St. Louis Community Colleges’ Remote Labs makes it easy to use the college’s software … anytime, anywhere. Use Remote Labs for quick access to specialty software, such as AutoCAD, REVIT or MATLAB, at home or on the go from your College issued loaner laptop.

Available to:

The Remote Labs tool is available to all students enrolled for a hybrid or online course for the Fall 2020 semester.


  • 24/7 online availability through the Remote Labs desktop app
  • Access to more than 85 specialty programs and apps


Using the Remote Labs Splashtop Business desktop app for the first time:

The first time you use the REmote Labs Business Desktop app, you will need to authenticate your computer. To authenticate your computer:

  1. Open the Remote Labs Business desktop app
  2. Sign in your with your STLCC Email address (including the @my.stlcc.edu)
  3. Once the pop up says an email as been sent, log into your STLCC email account and locate the email with the subject line of [EXT] Splashtop login authentication - action required
  4. Click the Authenticate this device link within the email
  5. Return to the desktop app, and click sign in again

Please note: You will need to authenticate each device you use once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students who are enrolled for the online or hybrid classes for the Fall 2020 will receive an email to enroll in the Remote Labs team. Once you click the link to accept the invitation from your administrator. You will be able to use the Remote Labs service.

  • From your device, open the Remote Labs desktop application
  • At the Sign-in screen, click the Single Sign-on Login
  • Sign in using your STLCC Email address and click Log In
  • Once the list of campuses loads, select the campusyou wish to access from the left navigation
  • Select the building you wish to access
  • Locate the Lab and the computer you wish to access
  • Click Connect next to the computer you wish to connect
  • Log into the connected computer using your STLCC Id and Password

Performance is heavily dependent on your internet connection. 100 Mbps is the minimum recommended speed, but your experience will benefit from a faster connection.

Sharing your Internet connection with streaming services like Netflix, online gaming services, and peer-to-peer file sharing services will significantly decrease Remote Labs performance.

Any computer or laptop running Microsoft Windows 7 or Apple macOS 10.7 or newer. Any mobile device running that can access it the mobile store and any ChromeBook that is up to date.

When you are logged into a computer through Remote Labs, it is recommended you open and save files to your OneDrive account.

  1. Please confirm that the WiFi signal is strong enough on your tablet/phone. Sometimes a weak WiFi signal can cause the connection to be dropped. Try to move your tablet/phone closer to the router to see if there is any improvement.
  2. If you are connecting via 3G/4G, or via the hot spot of your phone, sometimes the signal appears to be strong, but you never know how many users might be sharing the same bandwidth around you. In this case, we suggest that you try during a different time of day, or connect to a different (stronger) WiFi if possible, to see if there is any improvement.
  3. If your WiFi is using 5 Ghz instead of 2.4 Ghz, it might be more susceptible to losing the connection, due to the limitation of the shorter transmitting distance. Please try 2.4 Ghz to see if there is any improvement.
  4. If your router supports the QoS option (Quality on Service, an option to limit bandwidth usage for each connection thread), please try to turn OFF the QoS option to see if there is any improvement.

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