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Office 365 FAQs

In accordance with the College’s strategic goal and to accelerate our Digital Transformation, the email and calendar system for STLCC were migrated to Microsoft's Office 365 cloud based software service, Office 365.

This move will allow St. Louis Community College to align with current technology, provide an improved customer experience, and take advantage of new features and functionalities. Please note that STLCC Information Technology (IT) will continue to manage the service for the College, but the underlying Exchange infrastructure and application will be hosted by Microsoft in their data centers located in the United States.

If you have not used your email since the migration,you may want to download and review the following Office 365 Configuration Guide.

Office 365 and Outlook Most Frequently Asked Questions

This change is aligned with the College strategic goal to Accelerate our Digital Transformation. Some of the benefits of having email and calendars on Office 365 are:

  • Eliminates the need for new hardware.
  • Ability to work from anywhere at any time, as long as you have an Internet connection.
  • Scalable with our business – As our needs grow and evolves, so does the Office 365 environment.
  • Ample storage capacity

The new link to Outlook on the Web will be: https://office365mail.stlcc.edu

If you have already signed in to an Office 365 account you have through another institution, going to https://office365mail.stlcc.edu may take you to your email there rather than your STLCC account.

To reuse the same web browser for the STLCC account, click the icon representing you in the upper right hand corner and click "Sign out". You should then be able to sign in with a different account. You may need to clear your browser history and cache, and tell your browser not to save your username/password information.

To use multiple accounts simultaneously, use a different web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc.) for each Office 365 session. You may also be able to achieve the same effect by using your browser's profile feature or private/incognito mode for a second account.

The most common reason for an email to bounce back is that the address is not valid. Check for typos, and read the bounce message carefully for other clues.

Some distribution groups and other addresses have to be recreated in Office 365. The information that your Outlook client saved to suggest you use later becomes outdated and it bounces back with a message containing "Your message to IMCEAEX... couldn't be delivered." If this is the case, try removing the suggested address in Outlook by clicking the "x" when it pops up and then manually type the address or find it again in the address book.

Email signatures will not copy over in the conversion. Users can find their existing email signature on an email in their sent folder and re-set this up in Office 365.

To do this, Go to Settings > View all Outlook settings > Compose and reply.
Under Email signature, type your signature and use the available formatting options to change its appearance.

Contact the IT Help Desk by calling 314-539-5113

Yes, though the experience will be superior when using the Outlook client

Yes. Shared mailboxes will be available after the completion of the migration and must be approved by a manager and supervisor for responsible usage by the owner.

For any single email message, Outlook limits the number of recipients to no more than 500. There is also a limit on the total number of messages sent from one account.

Anymore than 3,600 messages from one account in an hour and Office 365 marks your account as sending spam. See more about online email limits for Exchange in this article.

STLCC's implementation of Microsoft Office 365 comes with a premium security add-on, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). ATP can identify malicious web addresses, email attachments, and account compromises based on its built-in machine intelligence.

Please be aware that since STLCC is using ATP for email attachment security, you may experience a slight delay between the time an email is sent and when the message arrives to the recipient's mailbox. During this minimal pause, Microsoft's automated ATP process is analyzing the attachment for security concerns.

The cybersecurity of STLCC is of vital importance and we thank you for your understanding.

Unfortunately, the Outlook web application can only search the first 250 items in which it finds the search term. However, the Outlook desktop application returns all results in which your search term appears.

Yes. Office 365 is accessible using any device, at any time, from anywhere with an Internet connection. This includes smartphones and other mobile devices. Any personal device  will require initial reconfiguration. Below are links to a step-by-step instruction.

Microsoft strongly recommends we make use of cached Exchange mode in Outlook. This downloads a copy of your most recent items to your computer for faster access, and in the future some features will only be available if in this mode.

Many other factors can be involved if Outlook is slow to respond. If you have problems with Outlook on your office computer, please contact the IT Help Desk.

Some older software, including Lync 2011 on Mac OS and some mobile apps for Lync 2010, cannot work with newer versions of the service. Try upgrading to the latest Skype for Business app available for your computer or device. If you tried upgrading in the past and it didn't work with your account, please try it again now that we have moved you to the new service.

If you need assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk.

NOTE: Microsoft Teams is replacing Skype for Business. Start your transition to Teams meetings so you are ready for January when we complete the switch.

Make sure that you have signed in to both the Outlook and Skype for Business applications using your employee account. You cannot create Skype meetings if you are not signed in to the Skype for Business client with the same account you are using in Outlook.

If the Skype Meeting button does not appear in Outlook, you may be able to bring it back by going to File-->Options-->Add-Ins tab--> Manage "COM Add-ins" and click Go... Then ensure that the "Skype Meeting Add-in for Microsoft Office" has a check in the box and click OK.

You also have the option of creating a Skype for Business meeting via Outlook on the Web. Just click the calendar icon in the lower left, "New event" in the upper left, and select "Add online meeting" on the right side of the location information.

If you need assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk.

At this time it is not possible for the initials to be changed. Microsoft determines how a user is displayed in an attempt to make them unique in a list of users where possible. If you want us to have the ability, you can vote on Microsoft's User Voice site regarding the display of initials.

Our best suggestion is to upload a picture to replace your initials. There’s nothing preventing you from making a graphic of your preferred initials if you don’t want to use a picture. It can be anything, just keep it work-appropriate!

If you need assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk.

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