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College Credit in High School FAQ

Dual Credit

High school Sophomores with 3.0+ GPA and Juniors or Seniors with a 2.5+ GPA are eligible for dual credit classes.

Your A# was delivered to the email address you listed in your STLCC application. If you have applied in previous semesters, you should look for the original email. A new one will not be sent when you re-apply.

The email is titled ‘Admission to St. Louis Community College’. Please allow 1 business day for the A# to arrive. If you are still unable to locate your A#, please contact Enrollment Services for assistance. Please note, we can only release A#s to students, not friends or family.

Yes. High school students need to apply at the beginning of every school year, even if they’ve taken classes before. This tells our system that you’re still an active student and that you’d like to continue your coursework. Complete a new dual credit application at apply.stlcc.edu.

To create a new application, login using your credentials from when you first applied to STLCC. If you need assistance, please contact Enrollment Services.

Sometimes, our system realizes you entered a wrong email address before you do! Ask your parent/guardian and your counselor to check their email inboxes for a correction request.

If your parent/guardian and counselor don’t have a correction email, email dualcredit@stlcc.edu to let us know you need to correct your email address.

In your email, please include your name, your date of birth, your high school, and your correct email address.

If your parent/guardian has already received and completed the approval request, email dualcredit@stlcc.edu. Include your name, date of birth, high school, and a correct list of classes that you’d like to take. The email must come from you, not your parent. Then, resubmit your dual credit request with the correct courses selected.

If your parent/guardian has not already completed the approval request, ask them to decline your request. Then, resubmit your dual credit request with the correct courses selected.

Dual credit classes are $25/credit hour. A typical class is 3 credit hours ($75). However, class cost varies. An overview of total cost will be included in your parent/guardian's approval request email. They will have a chance to view the total cost before they give permission for you to take dual credit classes.

After your registration is complete, if you have a bill to pay, you will receive an email with bill-pay instructions.

If your school is paying for your classes or if your costs are covered by the Jump Start Scholarship, you will not receive a bill.

Our system runs an audit on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 6 am. If your parent’s email address is correct, your parent will receive an email at that time.

The email will be titled, “Approve [Student Name]'s STLCC Dual Credit Class Request” or “REMINDER: Approve [Student Name]'s STLCC Dual Credit Class Request”

If you believe the system missed your parent during its audit or that your parent’s email is incorrect in the system, please email dualcredit@stlcc.edu.

The Jump Start Scholarship is available to dual credit students who:

  • Have a 2.6+ GPA
  • Qualify for free/reduced lunch

The scholarship covers up to 6 dual credit hours ($150) per semester.

Your counselor will provide us with your GPA and free/reduced lunch eligibility. Once the information has been entered into the system and registration is complete, eligible students will be notified that they’ve received the Jump Start Scholarship. No additional application, essay, or steps are required.

If you were not registered in a class you requested, one of two things likely happened:

  • Your counselor denied your request for that class.
  • You did not meet the prerequisites for that class.

Many of our classes require that you have a certain GPA, have a specific test score, or have taken a certain class. (For example, to take ENG 102, you must have taken ENG 101.) These requirements are called prerequisites. If you did not meet the course’s prerequisites, you were not registered.

If you believe there was an error in your registration, please email dualcredit@stlcc.edu.

Billing due dates can be found on our Dual Credit page. If your school is paying for your classes, you do not owe the college anything.

Not sure who is paying for your classes? Email your high school counselor to find out!

  1. Go to Banner Self-Service
    1. First time logging in? Follow the link above and use the MySTLCC ID Help Wizard to set up your account
    2. Don’t know your STLCC A#? Check your email account for an email from STLCC titled, “Admission to St. Louis Community College.”
  2. Once you log in, use the gray tabs near the top of the page to select ‘Online Payments’
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view your account balance

During registration, if your parent has not yet completed the email approval request, ask your parent to deny the request.

After registration is complete, check the Dual Credit Dates & Deadlines to see if you’re still within a drop or withdrawal window.

If your drop/withdrawal deadlines have not passed, please fill out a drop/add/withdrawal form and email to dualcredit@stlcc.edu. Please copy your high school counselor on the email.

Dual Enrollment

Complete an application at apply.stlcc.edu.

After submitting your application, you will need to submit an official high school transcript to the STLCC registrar. You should also complete the dual enrollment parent and counselor authorizations, available in your STLCC application portal.

High school students may take any classes in our course catalog for dual enrollment! In order to enroll in a class, you must also meet all class prerequisites. To receive high school credit, you must speak with a high school counselor or administrator.

High school students are strongly discouraged from taking developmental coursework, but may do so with express permission from a high school administrator and parent/guardian.

Our Student Success Advisors can help you select your classes!
Visit our Academic Advising page to get connected to an advisor.

To drop a class, you should submit a Drop/Add/Withdrawal form to askus@stlcc.edu.

You can search for and find your classes and their required textbooks on the STLCC bookstore website.

You may purchase textbooks online through the STLCC bookstore website.

Early College

You should follow the Early College application process outlined by your high school. Please contact your high school counselor for details.

If your school’s Early College application requires you to apply to STLCC, apply at apply.stlcc.edu.

All public colleges and universities within the state of Missouri accept CORE42 classes, the general education courses that typically make up the majority of a General Transfer Studies associate degree.

Aside from these CORE42 classes, each college and university determines which classes they accept for transfer credit. Thus, if you have a specific college or university you hope to transfer to after early college, it is recommended that you contact them to learn what they will accept for transfer.

Yes, the dual enrollment authorization form is essentially a semester-long permission form, which indicates the courses you have permission to take that semester.

During your first semester at STLCC, you can complete the dual enrollment authorization electronically in your application portal. For subsequent semesters, you should fill out the Dual Enrollment Authorization form in hard copy and submit to AskUs@stlcc.edu.

Your high school counselors will provide you with guidance to ensure you are on track to graduate from high school.

To drop a class, submit a Drop/Add/Withdrawal form to your campus Admissions office or AskUs@stlcc.edu.

You can search for and find your classes and their required textbooks on the STLCC bookstore website.

You may purchase textbooks online through the STLCC bookstore website.

Find bill-pay instructions on our Pay for Classes page.

Make it Count

No. Make It Count is a dual enrollment program, meaning it is only available to current high school students. To participate, you should postpone your graduation to the end of spring term. Then, you can attend STLCC full-time while taking advantage of the reduced dual enrollment tuition rate.

Make It Count takes place every spring-semester and is open to second-semester high school seniors.

Make It Count provides extra support as you apply to STLCC, enroll in classes, and start your first semester of college. Make It Count also connects you to a cohort of our high school students who are also participating in the program! At select high schools, your school district may also pay some or all of your tuition and book costs. Check with your high school for more information.

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