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Ways to Learn

Courses at STLCC are offered in 5 ways: Face-to-Face, Live Virtual Lecture, Online, Hybrid, HyFlex.

Ways to Learn

There are 5 ways courses are taught at STLCC: 1) On-Campus, Face-to-Face, 2) Live Virtual Lecture, 3) Online, 4) Hybrid, and 5) HyFlex. We refer to these instructional delivery methods as our Ways to Learn or our course modalities.

Ways to Learn / Modalities at STLCC

On-Campus, Face-to-Face (F2F), Live Virtual Lecture (LVL), Online, Hybrid, and HyFlex.
The modality of instruction will vary by course section.


On-Campus, Face-to-Face (F2F)

Instruction in on-campus, face-to-face courses are primarily in-person, on an STLCC campus, and in a classroom or lab. Face-to-face is the most traditional of the five main course modalities.

Check out our student support section to find resources that will help you be a successful students at STLCC.


Live Virtual Lecture (LVL)

The live virtual lecture format means the class meets online, at a specific date and time, using a streaming service. Students are required to be online during class time for lectures and other learning activities to experience real-time engagement with faculty and classmates. Online assignments outside of regular LVL may be required.

Check out all the helpful resources we have available for Online students.



The online class format means students manage their time to complete class material or projects by assigned deadlines in a virtual environment. Some courses may require proctored tests or meetings at designated times. Students should review the text in the class schedule and consult their professor and/or syllabus for information related to proctored testing requirements.

Follow this beginner's guide on how to be successful in your online classes.



The hybrid format for instruction includes a combination of on-campus and online activity. In each case, the class will meet at a specific date and time on-campus and will require online engagement, as well. The amount of specified meeting dates/times and level of on-campus engagement varies by course.

Follow this beginner's guide on how to be successful in your hybrid classes.



In HyFlex courses at STLCC, students can choose from one of two ways to attend class for each class meeting: (1) Participate in face-to-face, synchronous class sessions in-person (in a classroom). (2) Participate in synchronous class sessions via video conference (MS Teams). Regardless of whether a student chooses to attend via video conferencing or in-person, attendance is expected at each class meeting time.

Check out all the helpful resources we have available for Online students.


How Do I See Which Course Modality a Class is Going to Use?

Use our Interactive Class Schedule to find out which modalities a course is going to use.

  1. Find your course(s) by using the Interactive Class Schedule
  2. Once you've found your course(s), the course modality information is labeled in orange in the top right-hand corner of the course listing.
    example course listing from the interactive class schedule

Questions? Contact Admissions & Enrollment

At St. Louis Community College we are dedicated to supporting our students. If you have questions about course modalities or any other admissions or enrollment questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Contact us via phone, email, or chat.
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