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Career & Technical Education Support

Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs provide students of all ages with hands on opportunities to gain the necessary skills and competencies essential for success in high demand careers.

CTE Educational Support Specialists are here to help you identify and overcome barriers to program completion. We will serve as your guide to STLCC services created to assist you with achieving your goals.

STLCC CTE Programs


Accounting - AAS, CP

The accounting program provides many courses and several certificates on each of its three campuses for students who want to enter the field of accounting. The courses in each of the certificate program provides a stepping stone toward completion of the AAS degree, so students can start by completing the certificate and then continue to earn a degree.


Automotive Technology - AAS, CP, CS

This program offers both degree and certificate options that will prepare you for initial employment in the automotive industry at beginning managerial levels. The program includes courses in humanities, science, management, accounting and communications, as well as specific automotive courses. Laboratory work and field trips supplement classroom instruction.


Baking and Pastry Arts - AAS

This program will allow students to gain the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to become a successful pastry professional. Concepts of baking theory and nutrition; bread, rolls, and bakeries; production pastry techniques; and cake production and decoration will lay the foundation for essential pastry-related skills.


Behavioral Health Support - AAS

This program trains graduates to obtain employment as a support professional in the areas of addiction, disabilities, education support, mental health and psychiatric care.


Biotechnology - AAS, CS

This program provides students with the knowledge and skills to work in a life science research laboratory, in molecular-cellular quality control, in bioprocessing and in other life science industry settings.


Child and Family Development - AAS

This program offers students a variety of degree options and pathways of study. Students will investigate leading theories of child development and methodologies for curriculum planning and assessment. Through class lectures, observation studies, field work with mentor teachers, and opportunities for discussion with award winning faculty, students will engage in the best practices designed for the study of young children and their families.


Cisco Networking Academy: CCNA - CS

This program covers comprehensive networking concepts, from network applications to the protocols and services provided to those applications by the lower layers of the network.

asian male medical billing and coding student in computer lab

Clinical Coding - CP, CS

This program prepares students for entry-level positions as clinical code practitioners. Students will learn how to classify medical data from patient records, generally in a hospital setting.


Clinical Laboratory Technology - AAS

This program prepares students for entry-level positions as clinical laboratory technicians. Through classroom and practical experience in hospital and clinical laboratories, students learn to perform qualitative, quantitative and analytic testing in microbiology, hematology, immunohematology, clinical chemistry, serology, immunology and urinalysis.

white male student in computer lab at stlcc

Computer Accounting Technology - CS

This program is designed for accounting students on the fast-track to the job-market or working professionals who want to update their computer technology skills.


Computer Aided Design (CAD) - CS

This program prepares a CAD operator to interpret data from multiple sources, apply traditional drafting skills, utilize operating system software, and follow industrial practices and company procedures related to CAD work.



Computer Integrated Manufacturing - AAS

This program prepares students for positions in manufacturing. The program is designed to accommodate new students as well as those individuals already working in the field.

female student in classroom

Criminal Justice - AAS, CP

Students who enroll in this Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement program will be prepared for entry-level employment in the criminal justice system. The program includes general education courses as well as concentrated college level coursework in law enforcement and criminal justice.


Culinary Arts - AAS

The culinary arts program is designed to meet current and future needs for training food service and food service managerial persons to assume leadership roles in the industry. The curriculum covers food preparation, production, table service and culinary management.


Cybersecurity - AAS, CP

The program prepares you for entry-level information assurance/security technician positions that support planning, implementing, upgrading and monitoring security measures that protect computer networks and information systems.


Database Developer - CP

This program is designed for individuals who are interested in developing skills to qualify for positions as database application developers, database analysts, or database administrators.


Deaf Communication Studies: American Sign Language - CP

This program provides the instruction and hands-on experience needed to communicate effectively with deaf individuals through American Sign Language (ASL).


Dental Hygiene - AAS

The dental hygiene program is a 2-year, full time program that begins each fall and is designed to prepare students for licensure and employment in the State of Missouri. The program includes a general education component as well as a concentration in dental hygiene.




Diagnostic Medical Sonography - CP

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography program provides a specialty in ultrasound technology for graduates with an associate degree or two-year hospital-based program in another allied health area. You attend full-time and complete classroom work and clinical education in an affiliated ultrasound department. 


Diesel Technology - AAS, CP, CS

This diesel mechanic program prepares you for careers as medium/heavy truck repair technicians. Graduates are prepared for entry-level positions in new vehicle dealerships, truck and bus leasing companies, street and highway departments and metropolitan transit facilities.


Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology - AAS

This program prepares students to function as technical assistants to scientists and engineers. Through classroom work and practical experience in technology laboratories, students learn to prepare and interpret drawings and diagrams, perform testing procedures and compile technical data.


Emergency Medical Technology - CS

This program is designed for individuals that are interested in a career as an Emergency Medical Technician, preparing them for an entry-level position in emergency medical services (EMS). Since many EMS services are components of fire departments, it is also important for those pursuing a career as a fire fighter.

white male student in engineering machine shop at STLCC-Florissant Valley's emerson center

Engineering Technology - AAS

This program prepares students for entry level positions as engineering technologists through classroom instruction, laboratory skill practice, and/or work experience. Students will gain hands on knowledge in electronics, blueprint reading, measurement techniques, and prototype development.


Funeral Services Education - AAS

This program prepares students for any entry level position as a funeral director and embalmer in a funeral home.



Graphic Communications - AAS

Graduates of the graphics communications program will have the creative and conceptual skills necessary to, and be ready for, entry-level employment and beyond in a variety of visual communication settings.

black male student in computer lab

Health Information Management - AAS

This program provides students with the technical skills and knowledge required to provide reliable and valid information essential to the healthcare industry. Graduates are specialists working with health information systems, managing medical records, and coding information for reimbursement and research.


Horticulture - AAS, CP

Students learn both the science and the art of horticulture through a combination of classroom theory with laboratory practice and on-the-job training. Courses in soils, plant diseases, turfgrass management and cooperative horticulture are integral parts of the program.


Hospitality Management - AAS

The curriculum in this program will prepare students for first-level management trainee positions in the hospitality industry. Coursework will introduce students to the hospitality industry segments of event planning, food and beverage, hotel, and travel and tourism.


Human Services - AAS

This program provides students with a basic social science framework and perspective for pursuing an entry-level position in the field of human services. The program also provides currently employed human service workers the opportunity to upgrade their skills and abilities


Interior Design - AAS, CS

The program prepares students for careers in interior design or transfer to a four-year institution. The certificate program is designed for graduates of two-year interior design programs to meet the educational standards required to become a certified professional interior designer.


IT Help Desk/End User Support - CS

This program is a skill-oriented program that prepares students for help desk and desktop support technician positions in the enterprise. The foundational principles of end-user support including client operating system and application software, hardware and software installation, system configuration, problem diagnosis and resolution, and computer security will be covered.



Legal Studies for the Paralegal - AAS, CP

This legal studies for the paralegal program, designed in cooperation with the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis, prepares students for careers in the paralegal profession. Students develop a basic legal vocabulary and gain an understanding of Missouri statutes and cases and pretrial and trial proceedings.

asian female lab science student in lab

Life Science Laboratory Assistant - CS

This program prepares students for entry-level positions in life science research, development, and production. In addition, this short-term program, designed to be delivered in two semesters, acts as a bridge into the college’s AAS Biotechnology program and other STEM programs.


Network Engineering - AAS, CP

This program provides students with an accelerated career pathway, stackable certificates and programs and industry-recognized credentials. With this network engineering degree, students will be prepared for apprentice-level networking positions.



Nursing - AAS

This program prepares students to become registered nurses. Students learn to provide direct care for clients that is based on the nursing process. Students acquire knowledge and technical skills necessary for effective communication with clients and families. They learn management, organizational, and delegation skills necessary to provide competent care to a group of clients.


Occupational Therapy Assistant - AAS

This program prepares students for positions as occupational therapy practitioners who work under the supervision of registered occupational therapists.



Paramedic Technology - AAS, CP

This program prepares students for positions as emergency medical technicians-paramedics. Paramedics are skilled in patient assessment and recognition of diagnostic signs and symptoms of major injuries and illnesses.


Physical Therapist Assistant - AAS

This program prepares graduates to work as a team to assist the physical therapists (PTs) to manage movement dysfunction and enhance physical and functional abilities.


Precision Machining Technology - CS

This program prepares students for entry level jobs in the machine tool trade. Students will learn to safely set up and operate milling machines, lathes, grinders and drill presses. They will also learn the basics of CNC machine set up and operation.

female radiology technician in hospital lab

Radiologic Technology - AAS

Being a paramedic, or an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), is not only a great way to make a positive change in the world, but it is a fulfilling career choice that presents a different set of challenges everyday. Paramedics are needed in every region - urban and rural.


Respiratory Care - BS, AAS

This program prepares students for positions as respiratory therapists. Students learn to evaluate, treat, and manage patients with cardiopulmonary disorders in a variety of settings.

black male, skilled tradesmen, in industrial lab

Skilled Trades Industrial Occupations Technology- AAS, CS

Skilled Trades Industrial Occupations Technology allows individuals to earn an associate degree tailored to their occupational/career needs. College credit for technical areas may be earned through established articulation agreements with apprenticeship programs recognized by the college or individualized programs of study developed in consultation with the Engineering and Technology department.


Software Developer - AAS

This program provides you with the technical skills and knowledge required to design, write, implement, secure and maintain business software systems in the enterprise.


Surgical Technology - AAS

This program prepares students for entry-level positions as surgical technologists. Students learn aseptic technique, instrumentation, surgical procedures and patient care through classroom, laboratory practice and at a clinical affiliate.

black male, web developer, in computer lab

Web Developer - CS

This Certificate of Specialization is designed for students seeking skills to qualify for positions as web developers. The certificate was developed to include topics that will build the programming and database skills a Web Developer needs in order to build and maintain a corporation’s website.

CTE Support

The Displaced Homemaker Fee Waiver is for individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Currently majoring in a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program with a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 2.0
  • Completed ALL Financial Aid documentation
  • Single parent who is unmarried or separated from a spouse and has a minor child or children for whom they have custody or joint custody
  • Homemaker who has worked primarily without pay to care for the home and family, needs to improve their marketable skills, and is unemployed or underemployed
  • Displaced Homemaker for at least 5 years who has lost his or her main source of income because of divorce, separation, or the death or disability of a spouse, and must prepare for paid employment
  • Economically disadvantaged adult who has long-term family income below poverty level of or loss of eligibility for public assistance

Scholarship awards can be used to assist with school related expenses such as tuition, books or supplies for the current semester.

Applications must be submitted during the first four weeks of the semester to be considered. Applications must be completed by Feb. 2, 2024.

Awards are subject to available funds and the number of qualified applicants.

Displaced Homemaker Fee Waiver Application

What is articulated credit?

Articulated credit is college credit earned while a student is in high school. The credit is awarded for a high school course that is associated with a comparable college-level course, for which there is a signed articulation agreement developed by faculty and agreed upon by administration at both the secondary and postsecondary levels.

What requirements does a student have to meet to receive articulated credit?

To be eligible for articulated credit, a student must have:

  1. Received a letter grade of “B” or higher for the high school coursework that is articulated.
  2. Identify themselves as having earned articulated credit while enrolled in high school when meeting with an academic advisor, counselor, recruiter, or CTE Specialist.
  3. Completed at least one (1) credit hour of college-level coursework at STLCC with a 2.0 or higher GPA.

What is the deadline to apply articulated credit(s) to a student’s STLCC transcript?

Students must request that the articulated credit be applied within three years of graduation from high school.

How is articulated credit recorded on a student’s STLCC transcript?

The student, academic advisor, or counselor assisting the student should contact the campus CTE Specialist to have the articulated credit applied. A maximum of twelve (12) credit hours of articulated coursework will be applied to the student’s transcript. Exceptions for additional credit will only be made for specific programs approved by STLCC.

Credit for articulated courses will be recorded on a student’s transcript by course title. Credit hours will be recorded on the transcript as an “R” (credit). Letter grades will not be applied to the transcript for college-level course work.

Does articulated credit transfer to other colleges or universities?

The articulation agreements are exclusive to STLCC Career and Technical Education programs. No assurance is given that courses credited by STLCC through articulation agreements will transfer to other post-secondary institutions. Students should check with an academic advisor at the transfer institution to confirm if credit(s) will transfer.

Who initiates the articulated credit process?

Ideally, the student would initiate the process. More often, though, the CTE Specialist is contacted by an academic advisor or other staff member. In that case, the CTE Specialist would then contact the student and ask for the following information: Full name, STLCC A#, DOB, High School attended, HS graduation year.

Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) is a way for students to earn credit for previously acquired knowledge. CPL is commonly referred to as credit by exam or testing out of classes.

What is NTHS?

The National Technical Honor Society honors the achievements of top CTE students, provides close to $300,000 in scholarships annually, and strives to help connect education and industry to build a highly skilled workforce.

We achieve this through the implementation of career development, leadership, service, and recognition opportunities.


NTHS membership is by invitation only. Students eligible to be invited to join will meet the following criteria:

  • Must have declared a technical education (CTE) program of study in (AAS, CP or CS)
  • Must have a current cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Must have completed six (6) credit hours of college-level courses counting towards a (AAS, CP or CS)
  • Must have a recommendation from a STLCC faculty or professional staff member
  • Members can be dropped from NTHS if a GPA of 3.0 or higher and/or attendance and participation are not maintained

Membership Benefits

  • A full list of membership benefits can be found here.
  • Apply for scholarships. NTHS awards close to $300,000 in scholarships annually.
  • Earn recognition for superior achievement in career and technical fields.
  • Access the NTHS Career Readiness Portal

How to Apply

Once you have received your formal invitation to join NTHS you will submit:

  • Completed NTHS Application
  • Receipt of payment from the CASHIERS office for the one-time $30 Membership Dues. You must provide a copy of your formal NTHS invitation to the cashier’s office.
  • Required Faculty or Professional Staff Recommendation Form


On behalf of St. Louis Community College, we congratulate the hard work of our new members. Installation into the National Technical Honor Society is an honor that will be carried with you throughout your education and your career.

Congratulations and welcome to the National Technical Honor Society!

CTE Affiliates

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