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College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Tests

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is designed by The College Board to evaluate college-level learning, no matter how or where the learning took place. STLCC students meeting the minimum passing score may earn the credits and course exemptions. Students interested in taking CLEP exams should meet with an academic advisor to obtain information about testing centers, exam information and registration procedures.

The College Board Entrance Exam Board charges a non-negotiable fee as it pertains to CLEP. STLCC charges a $20.00 fee to proctor CLEP exams for non-students; current students are not charged a fee. Students who have taken prior CLEP tests at other institutions should arrange to have a copy of the test scores sent directly to the College Registrar from The College Board

When the exam is similar in content to a course offered by STLCC, credit will be equated to a specific course. When no course equivalent exists at STLCC, credit may be granted as elective hours in the same field as the examination. Students should note that credit will not be given for CLEP exams if the student has existing college credit for the equivalent course. Below is a list of currently accepted CLEP tests and scores.

Exam Minimum Passing Score STLCC Course
American Government 50 PSC 101
American Literature with Essay 50 ENG 204 -or- 205
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature 50 ENG 201 & 202
Biology 50 BIO 111
Calculus 50 MTH 210
Chemistry 50 CHM 105 & 106
College Algebra 50 MTH 160
College Composition 50 ENG 101
College Mathematics 50 MTH 161
English Literature with Essay 50 ENG 211
Financial Accounting 50 ACC 110
French Language 50 FRE 101 & 102
German Language 50 GER 101 & 102
History of the US I 50 HST 101
History of the US II 50 HST 102
Human Growth & Development 50 PSY 205
Humanities 50 HUM 101 & 102
Information Systems & Computer Applications 50 IS 116
Introduction to Business Law 50 BLW 101
Macroeconomics, Principles of 50 ECO 151
Management, Principles of 50 MGT 204
Marketing, Principles of 50 MKT 203
Microeconomics, Principles of 50 ECO 152
Precalculus 50 MTH 185
Psychology, Intro 50 PSY 200
Social Science & History 50 ELC 000
Sociology, Introductory 50 SOC 101
Spanish Language 50 SPA 101 & 102
Western Civilization I 50 HST 115
Western Civilization II 50 HST 117
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