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Final Exams

Spring 2022 Final Exam Schedule

Board Policy

G.9.2 Final Examination
A final, culminating experience is required for each course and may take the form of a test, paper, project or other activity appropriate for the course. Completion of this final, culminating experience is required for receipt of a passing grade. Some portion of the final, culminating experience must occur during the scheduled final exam period.

Administrative Procedures

G.7.2 Final Examination
The registrar’s office will formulate and publish a final exam schedule for the final exam or culminating experience for the standard format, semester-length courses. Courses with non-standard formats, or courses that do not meet on the standard semester schedule, will have examinations scheduled at times that are appropriate for their format and duration.

Online courses follow the standard academic calendar. Final exams for online courses should be available for a minimum of 48 hours to allow students with non-standard work schedules the opportunity to participate. Final exams that require a proctored experience must have fully-at-a-distance options for students who are unable to travel to a St. Louis Community College campus.

Universal Final Exam Schedule

For exam scheduling purposes, weekday classes are divided into two categories:

  • Type A classes are those that meet during day-time hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    • Tuesday-only, Thursday-only classes are considered Type A
  • Type B classes are those that meet during day-time hours that on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and Monday and Wednesdays.
    • Monday-only, Wednesday-only, and Friday-only classes starting times follow are considered Type B
    • All other weekday class combinations are considered Type B – Other Combinations

Full-term, weekend classes will take their finals during the regularly scheduled class meeting time on the Saturday or Sunday of finals week. A template will be provided for spring 2022 the week of January 3.

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