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Schedule Building

This webpage is intended for our staff members who are schedule builders for credit-based coursework. Please use the production timelines listed below to ensure an optimal schedule for our students. In addition to these timelines, you will find other resources listed on this webpage to support you through the schedule building process.




Mar. 27, 2020   Registrar Technical Staff rolls Spring 2020 schedule to Spring 2021.
Instructors NOT rolled.
The Registrar's Office synchronizes Spring 2021 terms to EMS Campus.
Apr. 3, 2020   The Registrar's Office runs report, opens schedule for edits, and sends class schedule email to deans, department chairs, master schedule builders, and division schedule builders.
Apr. 13-May 1, 2020   Department chairs/program coordinators review schedules, make corrections/updates, and send to schedule builders.
May 4, 2020   DEADLINE for receiving adds/changes/deletes for Spring 2021 classes from department chairs/program coordinators
May 5-29, 2020   Schedule Builders modify, delete, and add sections as needed.
Jun. 1, 2020   DEADLINE for Schedule Builders to enter changes/updates for Spring 2021.
Jun. 2-8, 2020   The Registrar's Office will synchronize Spring 2021 classes to EMS Campus. Master schedule builders will make group preferences and shared space adjustments in EMS.
Jun. 9 – 12, 2020   The Registrar's Office will publish room assignments from EMS Campus back into Banner.
Jun. 15-Sept. 21, 2020   Department chairs and program coordinators proof the Spring 2021 class schedule for errors (e.g. section number issues, day/time errors, etc.)
Sept. 21, 2020   DEADLINE for receiving changes/updates to the final proof schedule from department chairs/program coordinators.
Jul. 9- Sept. 21, 2020   Schedule builders make final corrections for Spring 2021.
Sept. 21-28, 2020   The Registrar's Office and master schedule builders will verify the accuracy of the schedule and make adjustments accordingly. Schedule builders may continue modify, delete, and add sections as needed.
Sept. 28, 2020   Spring 2021 is published online as “view only” in the Interactive Class Schedule. No major revisions to the schedule should be requested at this time.




    Coming soon.


Have schedule building questions or need assistance?

Contact Adrienne Sims at asims68@stlcc.edu.

Resources for Deans, Chairs, and Coordinators

To access reports, login to Cognos Analytics from the CollegeWeb. Once logged in, click Team Content, then STLCC Reports, then Student.

NOTE: Where student contact information is needed, go to the Student Level 2 folder.



Report Name

Average Section Enrollment

Average enrollment by subject, by campus ST Average Section by Subject


Contact info for students who were cancelled out of a specific course section ST Cancelled Course Roster by CRN
  Contact info for students who were cancelled out of any course section ST Cancelled Course Roster-All

Census Section Enrollment

# of students enrolled in a section on census date ST Census Seats Taken by Course

Course Enrollment Planning

Enrollment predictions are produced based on 5%-8% decrease or increase ST Course Enrollment Planning

Course Fill

Course fill info for prior terms ST Course Fill Report

Days, Times, Locations

Is there a section of ENG 101 offered at 11:00 am on MWF? ST Listing of All Courses
  How many morning, afternoon, and evening ENG sections are offered at my campus? ST Course Spread Reports

Faculty Assignments

Displays in alpha order faculty and their teaching assignments, release time, course dates, and enrollment ST Faculty Assignments

Room Scheduling

Displays classroom schedules for the selected campus; non-academic events are not captured ST Room Schedules by Building


List of sections that have students on the waitlist ST Waitlisted Classes
  List of students, the sections they're waitlisted for, and their contact info ST Courses with Waitlisted Students

When the schedule is rolled, review the reports to determine which rolled sections should be deleted or expanded. Work with your schedule builder during the editing phase (refer to production timeline) to make updates.

Adhere to the Standard Scheduling Patterns.

When registration begins, it is critical for deans, chairs, and coordinators to review course enrollments and waitlists weekly. Doing this often and early will help to determine where we need faculty to teach new sections, and help our students by introducing new sections.



Timelines to review cancellation, waitlist, etc. reports

Summer   End of March - Mid-June
Fall   End of March - Mid-October
Spring   End of November - Mid-March

When the term ends, review the reports and assess how well your department scheduled!

  • Were the section enrollments at 80% at census?
  • Were there less cancellations than the prior, like-term?
  • How were low-enrolled sections addressed?
  • Were adjuncts available when new course sections were needed?
    • Identify areas for improvement and celebrate the successes.

Please see the Student Evaluations of Faculty webpage for more information.

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