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Schedule Building

This webpage is intended for our staff members who are schedule builders for credit-based coursework. Please use the production timelines listed below to ensure an optimal schedule for our students. In addition to these timelines, you will find other resources listed on this webpage to support you through the schedule building process.




Mar. 27, 2020   Registrar Technical Staff rolls Spring 2020 schedule to Spring 2021.
Instructors NOT rolled.
The Registrar's Office synchronizes Spring 2021 terms to EMS Campus.
Apr. 3, 2020   The Registrar's Office runs report, opens schedule for edits, and sends class schedule email to deans, department chairs, master schedule builders, and division schedule builders.
Apr. 13-May 1, 2020   Department chairs/program coordinators review schedules, make corrections/updates, and send to schedule builders.
May 4, 2020   DEADLINE for receiving adds/changes/deletes for Spring 2021 classes from department chairs/program coordinators
May 5 - 29, 2020   Schedule Builders modify, delete, and add sections as needed.
Jun. 1, 2020   DEADLINE for Schedule Builders to enter changes/updates for Spring 2021.
Jun. 2 - 8, 2020   The Registrar's Office will synchronize Spring 2021 classes to EMS Campus. Master schedule builders will make group preferences and shared space adjustments in EMS.
Jun. 9 – 12, 2020   The Registrar's Office will publish room assignments from EMS Campus back into Banner.
Jun. 15 - Jul. 7, 2020   Department chairs and program coordinators proof the Spring 2021 class schedule for errors (e.g. section number issues, day/time errors, etc.)
Jul. 8, 2020   DEADLINE for receiving changes/updates to the final proof schedule from department chairs/program coordinators.
Jul. 9- Aug. 7, 2020   Schedule builders make final corrections for Spring 2021.

Aug. 10 - 28, 2020

  The Registrar's Office and master schedule builders will verify the accuracy of the schedule and make adjustments accordingly. Schedule builders may continue modify, delete, and add sections as needed.
Sept. 4, 2020   Spring 2021 is published online as “view only” in the Interactive Class Schedule. No major revisions to the schedule should be requested at this time.






Have schedule building questions or need assistance?

Contact Adrienne Sims at asims68@stlcc.edu.

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