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Guaranteed to transfer to any public college or university in Missouri.


Easily transfer these general education courses to any college or university in Missouri.

CORE 42 is the general education framework that assigns a group of lower-division core curriculum course Missouri Transfer (MOTR) numbers and guarantees transferability to all public colleges and universities in Missouri. For St. Louis Community College, students can easily identify MOTR courses in the course description. The goal of the CORE 42 is to provide seamless transfer of credit hours to four-year institutions. Individual courses in the CORE 42 framework are guaranteed to transfer one-to-one at any public college or university in Missouri.

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CORE 42 Courses Available at STLCC

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Written & Oral Communications

Natural Sciences

Mathematical Sciences

Humanities and Fine Arts

To learn more about CORE 42, please visit the MDHE website.


Access your class schedule in Banner Self-Service.

  • Login and click Student Service & Financial Aid
  • Choose Registration
  • Select View and Print Your Class Schedule.
  • If any of your registered coursework is considered part of CORE 42, there will be text listed to the right of the course title.

Example: College Composition I (MOTR ENGL 100)

Senate Bill 997, signed by Governor Jay Nixon in 2016 went into effect fall 2018.

Students who declare the General Transfer Studies Associates of Arts (GTS-AA) and the Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) will automatically use this framework for completion of general education requirements. If a student feels that they will eventually want to proceed to a four-year institution, they should work with their academic advisor to identify the best courses to take.

The remaining 18 credit hours can be courses that the most interests the student. They can be higher level courses within a future major or something fun that the students wants to learn about. Students are encouraged to work with their academic advisor and future four-year institution to determine the best path of course selection.

Students are encouraged to thoroughly review the class schedule before signing up for classes and to work with their academic advisor. Classes that fall under the CORE 42 framework are easily identifiable, as the MOTR designation is listed in the course title.

Students should frequently meet with their academic advisor to discuss and review their academic plans.

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