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Common Application

The Common Application, often referred to as the Common App, is an advanced college application that is used to help prospective college students apply to multiple institutions at once. Students who wish to transfer their STLCC coursework to their next institution may consider using the Common App.

Please visit the Common App website to get started.

Things to Know

Please visit the Registrar's office. This office can assist you in the completion of various record related information, and they can provide responses to various questions on the Common App.


  • Login to Self-Service
  • Click Student Services & Financial Aid
  • Click Student Records
  • Choose View Unofficial Transcript Online
  • To Print, Ctrl+P

Students should adhere to the electronic Common App where possible. However, if you need to complete the offline College Report form, you will be required to complete a FERPA Release Form to allow STLCC to send the applicant materials to the designated institutions. This task can be accomplished in Admissions & Enrollment Services.

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