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Prerequisites and Developmental Education


Prerequisites are identified in the academic course catalog, and included within the course description for every class. Prerequisites are enforced at the time of registration. When a student lacks the proper prerequisites for a class, they will not be able to register for the desired course.

Students who become registered for a class for which they do not meet the prerequisite will be dropped from the course at no penalty once the current term ends and grades are submitted by faculty. Therefore, a student who is in progress with ENG 101 during the current term may register for ENG 102 when registration opens up. However, if the student earns a D, F, or W in ENG 101, their registration for ENG 102 will be canceled.

Developmental Education & Course Placement

STLCC uses the multiple measures approach to placing students in academic coursework. This means that students who have taken the ACT, submitted a high school transcript, or have taken an Accuplacer test will be placed into coursework based on their highest earned measure. Please note that high school students who are taking college credit must have a test score on file.

Placement Guides effective fall 2022 can be found below.

To take a placement test (Accuplacer), please contact our Testing Center.




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